Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Hello everyone! 

So transfer calls happened, and I am going to finish my mission in Bienne, Switzerland with Elder Shirley. 

I received some wonderful news from my last ville of Carcasonne.  A couple we taught and prepared to be baptized were just baptized.  They are an amazing golden couple who are dedicated to following Jesus Christ.

This last week went by really fast for the last week of this transfer. To start off the week, We had a less active come and eat pizza with us on Monday night, and we spent the evening with the German elders as well! 
Saying goodbye to Elder Trapani

On Tuesday, we tried to pass by some less actives in an outer village and then we met up with the same less active as the day before, and we went to the family Nasufi to have dinner together. The less actives name is Fr. Ragusa and he hasn't been to church for a while. While with the family we shared a spiritual thought on faith. 

The next day we spent some time with our branch president. We tried to pass an ami, but she wasn't home...she forgot we had a lesson planned. Afterwards we went to the president's house and we talked about how we could invite more less actives to church and talked about what we could do to try and reactivate them. Later that night we ate dinner with the German elders at a Kebab shop. 

On Thursday we had our travel day. We went to 4 outer villes and passed the people we had to see there. We were able to give out a Book of Mormon, so we will try to pass her sometime soon.

We visited a less active and shared a spiritual thought about following Christ. The less active was really nice and he even asked us to help him move in a few weeks to another city. After getting back to Bienne we went to branch Council and talked about having more activities. 

On Friday we got our calls, and we were able to go help out another less active member put together some shelves. We then went and had dinner with the Chèvre family We had some homemade pizzas!

On Saturday we packed and did some service for the mom of Sr. Nasufi. We rearranged things in the garden and got the yard ready for winter time. Her name is Mammy Joe, and she's the best. 

Later that week we helped out the same less active that we set up shelves for, and we had dinner with her. She made us a vegan/vegetarian meal. It was a type of curry, and it was pretty good! 

We had a great Sunday at church. Elder Trapani bore his testimony and after we had lunch with some Italian members. We had some of the freshest mozzarella I have ever had! I got stuffed with Italian food. We then took a train to Geneva to stay the night to meet up with my new and last companion Elder Shirley.
My new companion Elder Shirley

I am now entering my last 6 weeks of my mission. Here we go...

-Love, Elder Race Acheson

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