Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Last Letter

Hey everyone,

The time has come. These two years have gone by fast. This is probably going to be my last letter that I send as a missionary. These past two years have been a great time of growth. There have been so many things I have learned and experiences that have changed my life. It's bittersweet to leave the mission. I remember how young I was when I entered the mission, and now I feel like I have grown and at the same time, I feel still like a young kid about to go to college...which is true.  I start BYU in January.

The mission is a strange thing. You leave everything you know and hold dear for a time, and you adopt a new culture, new friends and family, and for me, a new language. I have had the chance to see people change their lives for the better, and its humbling to know that I played a part in that. I have made dear friends along the way, and made lasting relationships that will continue to the eternities. I am thankful for all the people I have met, the things that have happened, and last of all for a loving Heavenly Father and Savior who have helped me all along the way.  

I know it would have been impossible for me to continue on my mission if I didn't know this work was true. There have been lots of trials for me, and I was still able to move forward. I know that these experiences I have had will help me in the future as a husband, father, and active member of the church. There are so many things I would like to say to explain how I feel, but I can't find the words to express them. Just know that I have grown in my love the Savoir while being on His mission, and that I have really learned what it means to be an active member. If there is one thing I have learned here in Europe, it is how to be an active member. I look forward to contributing to the kingdom of God on my return.

I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is at the head, and we all can receive eternal life by following the plan that has been set before us. 

 I love you all, and look forward to seeing all your faces again soon!

-Love Elder Race Acheson