Monday, October 3, 2016


 Hello friends and family! 

This week was a great week! It went by really fast i I was surprised. We did a bunch of different things. Today for Pday we went hiking and it was really pretty! The start of the hike is right behind our apartment. There's a big river that cuts through the mountain.

So just to start off the week i guess, On monday evening we went and visited the Chèvre Family again. We played Uno and shared a message about charity with them. 

The next day we worked on my Absentee Ballot for voting in November. We mailed that in, and then we tried to do some area book work because we were going to Dijon later that day. We took a train and traveled for a few hours to get to Dijon in France. It was weird being back in France. I forgot how different it is. When we got to Dijon we went and got a Kebab with Elder Strong and Teuchser. The Kebab costed $5.50. In Swiss it would be $10.

For our exchange I was with Elder Strong. We went contacting in Centre ville and we were asked to do a questionnaire with some Austrian Kids doing a class assignment. They asked us about religion and asked if we believed in the bible, if there was a life before this life, and what would happen after... Golden Questions! We gave them our card and told them to look up the church to learn more. 

After contacting, Elder Strong and I went to an outer ville and did some porting. We talked a lot about Mont-de-Marsan. We both served there with Elder Douglas, so it was great to talk about lots of things in common. He told me some stories about the man I baptized, Jean Louis. I miss Jean Louis and his wife Dominique.   We knocked on doors for a 2 hours. We did a small neighborhood and you could easily see the whole area we worked in when were on the road going back home. 

The next morning we all drove to Yerverdon in Swiss for district meeting. It was a beautiful ride, but really windy and I was uncomfortable in my seat. 

For District meeting we talked about getting more power from the Holy Ghost when we work and teach. We went over a talk that we were given by President Brown. After the meeting the whole zone was there and we all ate food together and played games. 

When we got back into Bienne we taught a lady named Esperanza. She speaks Italian so Elder Trapani taught her. We went to Burger King so we could teach her. After teaching her we went to the church so we could go to Branch Council. We arrived late because we were teaching. 

On Friday we did weekly planning, then we grabbed a train to go to a small city called Tavannes. We had a few pass backs there. So we went to see if they were interested. We gave one of them a Book of Mormon. She said she wasn't interested in seeing us again. She said that she would read when she had some time! The other lesson was this older lady that we helped get to her house while she was carrying groceries. She said that we could come back in a few weeks when she came from vacation. 

We took the train to Pery, and ate dinner with the Nasufi family. The son Mirsad is going on a trip for a few weeks, so we came to eat with them before he leaves. We talked about how trips can help refresh us and give us a new perspective on life. Hopefully he will come out of the trip a new person! After eating and talking we played games.

The next day we went contacting for a few hours. We went to the beautiful lake, and we tried to pass some people. It started to rain a good amount. We got home and changed and went to Neuchâtel for General Conference. We met up with the sisters and got a Kebab and then went to the church to watch, in English, LDS General Conference. 

Sunday was very similar. We woke up and did studies then went to Neuchâtel again to spend the whole day there at the church. We ate at a members home between one of the sessions. The members come to our branch every Sunday to help strengthen it. 

It was my last General Conference on the mission. That's a weird thought. It feels like conference was just last month. Its also strange to think that it has been 1 year since i was super sick with Pneumonia. 

Well, that's the week for us. This upcoming week we have zone conference in Lyon, and that's exciting! Its already week 4 of the transfer.. Time is going by fast. I love you all, and hope that you have a great week! Its starting to get colder here and I'm actually enjoying it! I have spent too much time in the heat. Time to get use to Utah again;)

Love you!

-Elder Race Acheson

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