Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Hello everyone!:)

So we had a pretty good week this week! We haven't really found any new progressing amis. We have done some outerville work this week. We take a train for an hour and 15 minutes and we went twice to this small ville called Moutier. It is deep in the mountains of the Swiss. The ride up is really pretty and you pass through lots of typical Swiss villages. While in Moutier we decided that we wanted to go knock on some doors. While walking to where we wanted to go, we talked to a few people. One guy told us that we reminded him of the Mormons, and I held up the Book of Mormon and told him that was what we were trying to say. We didn't have too much time to knock on doors, so we were walking back to the gare, and we stopped to see a  lady and we talked about the Book of Mormon and the difference between us and the Catholics. She was Catholic but not practicing, and wanted to know the difference. We gave her the Book of Mormon and our cell number. She didn't have a phone. So we couldn't get in contact with her. She said that she might come to church though. We ended up praying with her, and we could feel the spirit!

We also contacted 2 African ladies, and we talked to them about the restoration. We managed to get their numbers and scheduled a lesson for the next day. 

The day after, which was a Saturday, we did some service with a less active family. We helped clean one of their old apartments. We then ate some pizza with them and talked about all our childhood memories. We then asked if we could come over another time and they said that we could come for a family home evening another day. We then took the train to go back up to Moutier to teach the African ladies. When we got to Moutier, we called and they said that they were still at work. So we took the next train and went and passed a less active member that lived more near Bienne. We knocked on his door and he wasn't there. 

Earlier in the week we had zone training. We all got together in the zone and we talked about things to improve the work. We talked about how to teach lessons and things that we can all improve on. We went over some of the rules that we could do better with. 

On Sunday we visited a less active member that goes to a different ward. We talked with her about random things. We have the goal to help her come back to our branch because we need all the members we can get.

This week we have also seen a few of the families in the branch. We always go over to the Family Nasufi's house to teach their son. We brought my guitar this time and we played some guitar and Uno. We talked about using our talents to bless God's children. Sister Nasufi works at Rolex, and she gave me a book that has pictures of watches and explains the cool things that Rolex does with their products.
So naturally I took a picture of the book and made it fancy. I also took a picture of what one of my Album Covers would look like...

So, those are some of the things we did this week! We went exploring the mountain ranges of the Swiss

alps this week on trains, and visited some members. This next week we will have an exchange and that will take us out of our sector for a few days because we will be going to district meeting as well. So when we get back into town we will be busy with meeting with members!

I love you all, and hope that you have a great week everyone!

Love, Elder Race Acheson

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