Friday, September 2, 2016


Hey everyone!

 Hope you all had a great week! We had a really busy one. We had a few lessons this week, and had Zone Conference and interviews with President Brown. I'll give you all the highlights!

First of all, this morning we ran around the castle. It was really cool because no one was there and we were just running and climbing on a really historic monument. I love France!

Some of the highlights include an exchange with the district leader Elder Pincock and his companion. I was with his comp who is from the north of France. He is a little quiet so I had some fun trying to get him to talk. We eventually got on the subject of French food. He studied how to become a chef! During the exchange we went and looked at the area book and found lots of old investigators that they could pass another time. We spent a few hours on that and then the other elders came. We slept that night in Beziers, where Elder Pincock and his comp live, and the next day we went to Montpelier for Zone Conference. I had a really good interview with President Brown. I asked him what I could do to prepare for after my mission and he told me to go out fighting and that will be the best preparation I can do. So I will try to follow his counsel. 
Zone Conference with President and Sister Brown 

We had zone conference about staying loyal and strong. We had a really good pep talk about security and things we can do to be safe. 

We went contacting a lot this week, and got a few numbers. We got the number of one lady that saw the missionaries in Tahiti, and now shes interested! So we will follow up with her! We even knocked on doors for a few hours. We had about a 70 Percent of people answer their door! That is super high! Only one family answered and said that we could come again! So we plan to follow that up! 

We also taught Jean Pierre and Francoise about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. They took it really well, and they are on track to be baptized. They are just waiting for their papers to get through for their marriage. 

Last detail that I will mention is that a member helped us give a blessing to Jean Pierre and Francoise. Fr. Martin was the one that gave the prayer and it was to help Jean Pierre and Francoise have strength to stay righteous. They both cried after their blessings and Francoise was telling everyone how they have found the true church at last. It was really touching. I really love this couple. They are super special, and I am excited to help them come closer to Christ.

Well, I love you all guys! I hope that you continue to have a great week! Its the start of week 5 now, and time is starting to fly by.

I love you again!

Love,Elder Race Acheson

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