Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Hello everyone!

So we got our transfer calls and we were pretty surprised. President brown told me I was going to Swiss! Elder Eberhard was going to Grenoble, and we were being replaced by sisters. This transfer brings double the amount of sister missionaries in our mission and we need to make room for them in all areas of the mission.   So this past weekend we were cleaning the apartment and trying to get it ready for the sisters. We also wrote a big note for the sisters so they could start working right away. Happily for them they will have two baptisms right away.

As for our week, we taught some lessons. We saw Berenice and talked to her about keeping the Sabbath day holy. She said that she would come to church. 

We also went over another day to celebrate her sons birthday. He's 4 and has some disabilities. We were able to have a really good night with them.

We taught a member's neighbor. She is middle age and has had a rough life, and she said that she was interested to see us again. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said that she will read it. 

When we got out call, some members took us to a Chinese buffet. It's a tradition that they always do. While sitting down, there were these guys that were talking about how many wives we could have. I turned around and told them that we had one wife. They were surprised and then we started talking about other random things. We all became  friends. When they left they waved goodbye to me. I'm happy I could clear up some misconceptions of our church.

So, I'm excited to go to Swiss! I am going to Bienne, which is on the border of the German speaking part of the country. So I will probably learn some German. 

I love you all! I will let you all know what happens! 

-Love Elder Race Acheson!

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