Monday, October 17, 2016


Hello everyone! 

So we are now into the last week of the transfer. Last week was a little slow but we were able to do some hard work. On Monday we went to Dijon, France to do an exchange and spend some time shopping on my p-day. The main purpose was to buy a suit. I got a nice navy suit that should go great with my new tan shoes. We explored the city with the elders and had a good time. I later went Monday night with Elder Teuscher and we went to the ward mission leader's house for an FHE. They gave us some cake after and we took the bus home.

I have great news to report.  An amis that I was the first to teach got baptized this past week in my former town of Nimes..  I'm so happy for her.

On Tuesday for the exchange we went around and tried to pass people to see if they were home. We traveled around Dijon and went to pass some families and potentials. None was home. So we spend the rest of the time contacting. We contacted one man and we were able to teach him a lesson. We invited him to church and continue studying with the missionaries.

On Wednesday we got into Bienne at noon and met up with the zone leaders to buy us some bus tickets. It costs several hundred dollars for a bus pass in Switzerland. We later gave a blessing to less active member. He contacted us last week and told us he wanted to have a blessing. So we met him at the church. We felt the spirit during the blessing, and we are going to try and pass his family this week so we can do an FHE. After the blessing we then went to the Family Chèvre. We ate some really good mushrooms and pork. We then shared a spiritual message about rejoicing in Christ. We asked them if they knew any old investigators that were taught in the past that they haven't seen for a while. We love going over to their house. This last Sunday they invited us over again.

Elder Trapani woke up in pain on Thursday, so we spent the whole day inside. 

On Friday we did weekly planning and went to an outer ville called Delémont. It was raining a good deal. We went there to pass some old amis and less actives. We couldn't find any of them on the names of the houses, so we were a little bummed about that. We did talk to a few people though about the church. We taught this old man about prophets and apostles.  We ended up going home and had enough time to make a few calls when we got to the apartment. 

On Saturday we went contacting and taught a father and his little son about the church. He didn't know that much about the church, and we were able to let him know about some of our believes. He was thankful and took a card. He was already following some of our beliefs in service. He has a company that gives 10% of their money to the poor. He was a really nice man. 

We then contacted a little more and then taught our old Italian ami Lorenzo at Burger King. We talked about the plan of salvation and the restoration more. We told him that we will try to get a Book of Mormon in Italian for him so he could understand more. 

We then went to Fr. Luzubu's house. We had some sandwiches there and had a good time talking with him. I love Fr. Luzubu! He is super nice, and is excited to do missionary work. I'm glad that we have him as our mission leader. 

Sunday was a great day at church. There was a member of the stake presidency there, and we had some good talks. After church we had some food with the members that were hanging back. We were all laughing and eating cake. They all spoke Italian and so I entertained them with the few Italian phrases that I know.  They laughed a lot. 

After church we went home and ate and did some studies. Then we met up with two Italian members and had a evening together. We playing piano and guitar, ate some pasta and talked about random things. We did a spiritual thought on Abinidi. We talked about how his fruits from his efforts were never seen, but he made a huge impact because he converted Alma, and Alma was a prophet and his great grandson was an apostle when Christ came to America. The sister who we were with told us that she got a call that day from an old investigator during her mission 30 years ago, and she was able to reconnect with this old friend. So our message worked perfectly with that. 

So that's a few things that happened this week for us. We are now in week 6, and we get transfer calls this Friday. This is going to be my last real transfer call since I leave for home at the end of next transfer. We don't know what's going to happen.

I love you all! And I hope that you have a great week!

-Love Elder Race Acheson

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