Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Hello friends and family!

So it is the end of the first week of the transfer. Elder Shirley and I are already getting along great and doing well. Elder Shirley and I are both goofy and do weird things and we have fun. I'm really glad to have someone like him as my last companion. This transfer should be really good, 

As for the week:)

We mostly have been doing some pass backs. We have visited the far corners of the city to try and see if people are home who have talked with the missionaries in the past. On Wednesday evening we went to the Nasufis and had dinner with them. It was the first time that Elder Shirley met the Nasufi family. I told him that they are my favorite family. We always have a great time and they laugh at everything I say. We shared a message on knowing Christ and following his example. 

On Thursday we dropped off a book of Mormon to the Nasufis with our testimonies inside so Sister Nasufi could give it to a co-worker. We then went into centre ville to contact for a bit. We talked to a man about the restoration and gave him a brochure. We continued contacting throughout the day, and then went to Sister Ferron's apartment. She had us put together some more shelves. She made us some banana bread and sent us off home. 

For Friday we had our weekly planning and then went to the church to set up a projector to help out with a Relief Society activity that evening. We later went to Tavannes, an outer ville, and tried to contact for a bit. We talked to a few people and testified, but no one was willing to meet with us again. We had to take the train back to Bienne so we could meet with Fr. Luzubu for our missionary correlation meeting. Once we finished the meeting, we stayed and attended the relief society activity. We played a video for the sisters and then stayed and enjoyed some Italian food that a sister made for everyone. 

On Saturday we contacted before lunch.  We ate and then went to Lausanne for Stake Conference. Fr. Nasufi gave a talk and he did really well! He has been a member for 9 months and has progressed well! Fr and Sr. Nasufi were kind enough to give us a ride home. While talking in the car, we talked about Rolex watch company where Sr. Nasufi works. She told me that I should try and do an internship there next summer. I might think about that. It would be cool to return to my mission and be a member and not a missionary. 

Sunday we went to Yeverdon-les-Bains for the second part of stake conference. We sat by some members. After that was finished we took the train to Bienne and did some studies and ate. We then tried to contact in the streets and then caught a train to the Nasufis. We spend the rest of the evening with them and talked with their non-member son Mirsad. 

We caught the train home and got ready for the evening. I even gave Elder Shirley a haircut. 

Well, we are in a finding moment right now. We don't have anyone really to teach but we have 6 referrals from the German elders, so we will see what we can do with those! 

I love you all, and pray that we can have success in my last transfer. I love you all!

-Love, Elder Race Acheson

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