Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Hey everyone! 

I hope that you all had a great week! For us its starting to get colder here! We have seen snow all over people's cars as they come from the villages in the mountains. We have been hit a few times with some snow, and a good amount of rain. Anyway, for the week, we had our P-day that was tranquil, and calm. We were with the other elders for a little at the church. 

We went on Tuesday to go to Besancon for an exchange. While we were going on the train, it was snowing, and we got off at a stop to change trains, and there was a good amount of snow. We got to Besancon and I went on exchange with Elder Liddle, hes a really cool british lad, we had a good exchange passing people and talking to people on the street. It was refreshing to have everyone speak French. 

After our exchange we came back to Bienne and didn't have that much time before we had to go to the Nasufis to have dinner. We taught about the importance of Christ. It was a nice evening with the family. I feel really connected to this familiy.

We went to Lausanne on Thursday for a zone training. We all gathered together and was taught by the zone leaders. We talked about always leading the charge in the battle of missionary work. We then all ate together and made some skits that we are going to perform for zone conference. 

We have an activity with the branch the 19th of Nov, where we are going to show Meet the Mormons. So we made some flyers and printed them out and started to pass them out to the less activies in the branch. That takes some time. We then spent the evening with a less active sister and setting up some shelves. We then ate an almost vegan meal! Turns out, that vegan/vegetarian is really not all that... good!  Yeah, its ok. Not my favorite. 

On Saturday we took some trains and passed some members to see how they were doing. We then went home and spent some time putting people into the area book. 

We had a really good experience at church on Sunday. I always feel the spirit and a closenes with the members. I like having small branches because all the members are right there. No one can hide, all 20 of them are in your sights. I really love this branch.
So there are some of the things we have done this week. I love you all, and hope you have a great week! This coming week is interviews and zone conference with President Brown.

Ill let you all know how that goes!

I love you all, Love Elder Race Acheson

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