Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Hey Y'all!

 Hope you all had a good week! It's starting to get cold here... well, ca va. I'll let you how the week is. On Monday we traveled a good amount for our P-day. We did our groceries and then we went hiking in the canyon behind our house. We then caught the train and took it to an outer ville calls Courtalary. There is a big chocolate factory there and we wanted to go visit it and get a tour. When we got there, it was under construction, so we weren't able to get a tour. We did buy some chocolate. We then went and did emails. 

On Tuesday we tried to contact a little, and then we worked on our area book. We got the new application for the area book for the iPad, and we need to put all the people in our paper area book into the iPad. So that means we have to spend a long time putting all the info in. So we are starting to invest some time into that. After doing some digitizing, we went to Moutier to pass a potential we contacted a few weeks ago. We knocked on her door and there was no answer. So we knocked on some of the other doors that were around the neighborhood. We got a few people to answer.  When we got home, it was a little later, so we got a kebab and brought it to the house. 

Wednesday We planned to go knock on some doors that evening, so we went to the church and worked on the area book. We spend some time in the bomb shelter to put the info in. When we got out, we had lots of missed calls on our phone and turns out the mission secretary had called to say my parents were going to call.  There was a problem with my password in order to register me for BYU. I got to talk to my dad for about 50 seconds and that was pretty cool! It felt weird because it was a normal call and felt like talking to another missionary because it was super random and quick. 

After leaving the church we went to Tavannes to port. We went to a nice neighborhood where there were lots of big houses. We got lots of responses, but no one was interested to learn more. We gave some of our cards out though. When we got back to town, we went over to the German elders apartment and we ate dinner together. 

We had district meeting Thursday, and we got to see the whole zone. We all do our district meetings together. While in district meeting we watched a video of President Brown, and he told us that we need to go speak with the branch presidency and leaders to see if there are part-member families we could teach as soon as possible. 

After district meeting we got to Bienne and we went and helped Sr. Ferron with her shelves again. She made us a cake and we talked about things going on. She loves to talk and so we listened because we are her only contact with the church in bienne.

On Friday we did our weekly planning, and passed the Branch President to see about the part member families we could teach. He gave us a good amount of people that we could go pass. After seeing the branch president we went to the church and started working on an announcement for an activity the 19th of Nov. We are going to watch meet the Mormons. So we started to make the flyer. After working on that, we took a train and ate dinner with the Nasufis. We had Raclette and it was really good. I ate a lot of melted cheese. 

Later we showed a video of the drummer of Neon Trees. Mirsad the son we are teaching loves music, so we were able to show that and get him interested. We then talked about how we could improve our relationship with God. We read Alma 7 11-13 with him and we are trying to push him to be more motivated with learning the gospel.

On Saturday we went out to try and talk to some people. We tried to do some business contacting. There is a car booth in centre ville where there are Tesla Cars for display and people could go up and sit in them. While we were checking out the cars, a worker came up and said hello. He said that he had a friend that was a return missionary and told him about how missions work. We were able to talk about what he knew and that there was a temple close by in Bern. He then showed us all the cool things about the cars. 

We also had to get a new hat because it was raining a lot, and so we went into a snowboard shop. While looking for a hat, a 17 year old guy who worked there came up and talked to us. He asked why we were here and spoke to us in really good English. We talked about what we believed and why we were here. I talked to him about snowboarding, and then even showed him an "I'm a Mormon" video of a snowboarder. Since i couldn't find it on my iPad, i had him download the Gospel Library app for the church. Then watched it. We also pointed out that he already download the Book of Mormon so he should read that. He said that he wasn't super spiritual and not looking for anything, but he has the app downloaded;) he he. He was super cool.

We then tried to pass by some people and no answer from our pass backs. So we went to the church to have a meeting with our branch mission leader. He didn't show up because he was sick. So we went home and made some calls. 

On Sunday we had a good day at church. Lots of members gave good testimonies and Fr Nasufi got the Melchizedek Priesthood. We are happy that there is now a priesthood holder in the family! After church we had a meeting with our mission leader and talked about the people we want to work with. Then we came home and ate lunch, and then studied and spent the evening putting people into the iPad. Super fun... But necessary. 

Well, that's the idea of things that went on! We are entering the 3rd week of the last transfer! 

I love you all! 

Love, Elder Race Acheson 

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