Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Hello family and friends!

It is the most wonderful time of the year as I am fortunate to be a missionary here in beautiful France. I continue to serve as an office elder with my companion, Elder Keller.  Our assignment is to be the "official" apartment movers for the mission.  We drive around the mission setting up and taking down apartments.  As I write, I am sitting here at Master Tacos with my old MTC bud Elder Loosle! 

So for our preparation day today we went all over the ancient roman ruins in Lyon.   We also went to the giant cathedral, Fourviere.  

As for the week... 

Last Monday, we went around to the Christmas Markets in downtown Lyon. There are all these small huts that make a small village in a big square. It really feels like Christmastime!

Tuesday: we continue our assignment being the mission movers. Switched cars with the office elders so we could go up to Swiss. (I know it’s called Switzerland, but we call it Swiss or Suisse) So I drove the Vivaro. It's a huge beast.

We took the van with the wardrobe we brought from Brive. We took that up to Fribourg. We had the elders help us take it out, and then we went down to Geneva to go to Ikea. Since it was pretty dark, we stayed the night with the English Elders again. Elder McKee, who's one of the elders, has this card game called Bang.

Wednesday: we drove back up to Neuchâtel, and tried to meet up with the elders. We didn't have service on our phone, so we had to find a McDonald's to get wifi. After a few hours of being lost, we were able to get in contact with the other elders.

After meeting up with them, we went to Fribourg and dropped off all the things we got. Then we helped set up the desks and bookcases we bought at IKEA. 

We slept the night again in Geneva. 

Thursday: went up one more time to drop off one last item in Fribourg. Then we came back, but because of things going on in Geneva, we had to stay the night again. 

Friday: we drove home to Lyon, and we did some shopping for some food. After that, we were asked to work with the Chinese Elders. We went to Master Tacos with them and their amis.

Saturday: we went to a baptism! A guy named Ludivick was baptized. He's in our ward and is the Chinese elders ami. This guy is good friends with Gabriel, the man that I baptized. Turns out they go to Institute together! That's awesome! 

After the baptism, we ate lunch with the Val de Soane Elders, Elder Looslie and Loveland. After lunch we did some studies and then we planned for the next week. 

After planning, we went to the church to be with the Chinese elders and their Amis. We were there to give them a ride back to their apartment.

Sunday: we had church, and after we had a choir practice for the Christmas concert. I’m glad that I can sing!
After that, we came home and got changed and made cookies. We took those cookies to the other elders in our district. We ate Tartdeflet there, and then got hair cuts! 

So all in all, we had a great week! We have to rendezvous on Tuesday! Then we are busy doing district meeting, and Swiss again! So, until

 Next time.

I love you all, and it's almost Christmas! 

-Love, Elder Acheson

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