Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hello my wonderful family and friends!

As always, I hope you had a great week! I hope you are enjoying the snow! Over here it's been kinda warm! Still always wearing my coat, but still warmer then it should be in the middle of January.

To kick off this week, I will tell you some of the things I have been working on.
I have been trying harder to have better prayers. So I did a study and found some of the importing things to try and do when praying. Such as thinking about what you're grateful for. 

As for the week, on Monday night we went and home taught the Family Dieutre. We talked about the blessings of the family when there are children on missions. I was able to testify of the blessing of my family because I was serving a mission. They seemed to really like the thought.

On Tuesday we had a lot of time free. So we walked down the long walking path and we tried to contact as many people as possible. There was no one. When we finished the line, we took a bus and went porting. We didn't have anyone really interested, but oh well!

On Wednesday we went to Toulouse for District meeting. We talked about how we are doing with our push to find families. We did some role plays on how to contact people. That was pretty funny. It's pretty awkward to walk up and contact families walking.

After the meeting we had Pouting. It's Canadian food. Fries with cheese and gravy all over. It was really good!
After lunch, I went on exchange with Elder Walters. He's our district leader.i stayed in Toulouse. We walked around the city searching for some of their potential investigators. We couldn't find any of them that were marked. So we contacted.

After of few hours of that, we went back to he church and met up with the other Toulouse Missionaries and we watched the world wide mission broadcast. The leaders in the mission department spoke to us and give training. Elder Andersen spoke about his time as a mission president in our boundaries! That was pretty cool to get a shout out

We were told that the most baptisms come from friends of members. So we really want to push member mission work.

After the broadcast we rode the metro home.

On Thursday we left the apartment at 8 and went and tried to pass by some people. We did some contacting and went to the Gare to meet up with Elder Pesnell and his comp.

 We took the train back to Montauban and went to the church to have a ping pong night. We had our ami Frederic come. Frere Le Saux also came. He is really good at ping pong! He beat me playing with a frying pan... And even worse, he won with a hymn book... But we had fun so that's all the matters.

On Friday, we we did some more porting! We are still trying to find people to teach. It's hard not having anyone to really teach, but I think it's a good change for me. I am coming off from not doing mission work for a few months to really doing it! Yes it's hard, but I'm grateful and happy to do it.
We also make a cheese cake for a dinner we had Friday night with the Le Saux family. I made a speculous cheese cake. It was really rich, but really good!

We went over to the Le Sauxs house. They have a bunch of cool toys around, and the cutest kids. Frere Le Saux is really good at piano, so I watched him for a bit, because I am trying to learn how to play piano.

We had some really good simple French food after. We then gave a message on how we can fortify our families through scripture reading together and praying often. This was a really strong family. They both served missions, so they speak really good English, and have really good testimonies. I really love this family.

On Saturday we had samedi sportif. We played basketball and soccer. I am still pretty bad when it comes to sports, but I am improving.

After a few hours of playing, we came back home and showered. Then we went and taught frederic. We talked about his baptism. We went over the things we must do when we are members of the church of Christ. Such as caring for the needy, comforting those that are in need of comfort, and testifying of Christ where ever you are.

Frederic seemed to really like it.

After that, we did some weekly planning.

On Sunday we had church. Frere Le Saux during the meeting went up to me and asked me if I could give a small talk after he did. I said yes, and so I had 5 minutes to prepare a small talk on mission work. I talked about my ami I baptized Jean Louis. I talked how the spirit was an important part in his conversion. It was a short talk, but I think there were people there that felt the spirit from it.

After church we ate and then went to our less actives house. Sr. Korpel. We played UNO with her and her kids. We did that for a bit. We read the Book of Mormon with them as well! Can't forget that important detail!

After talking for a bit about the book, that's when we started to play.
After playing, we left and did some porting. As usual, we didn't get any positive responses.

After porting for a bit, we returned home and did some studies.

We then ate after that.

That's kinda the summary of the week!

I love you all, and pray that we can get someone to teach.

Today we head to Bayonne for zone conference tomorrow.

The church is true, and I love you!

Love, Elder Race Acheson!

  1. District meeting photo fail
  2. Pouting for lunch
  3. Ping pong with a frying pan
  4. Cheese cake I made
  5. With Sr. Korpel 
  6. Papa Aché and Bébé Pez. 

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