Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Hello family and friends!

Happy News Year!

The last time my brother Chase , Grandpa Tom and I were together before our missions

I received news that my grandpa died.  My Grandpa Tom Lee received his dying wish to die in 2016.  He died 2:20 a.m. New Years Day.  He was an amazing man, astronomer and friend to me.  I love him so much but know that he wanted to be reunited with my Grandma Carolyn.  I was able to Skype with him the last time on Christmas Day.  I'm grateful for my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and about eternal families. I love you Grandpa.

The time has come... I am being transferred out of the moving equipe, and am heading to Montauban! That's in the Toulouse Zone. So I will be pretty close to Toulouse! 

It feels weird to know that I won't be driving around the mission now. I am glad to have the chance to now do full studies, do full time mission work, and be senior comp for the first time! Kinda scared, but super excited! So I will be serving with Elder Pesnell. I think he's in his fourth transfer? I'll find out soon enough.

Elder Keller and I had a super busy week. I'm glad, because I am now sick of driving. 

On Monday, we played  football in a really nice park/zoo in Lyon. We went around and looked at all the cool animals, and even some gardens as well. After football, we went home and started to get ready for the week.

Tuesday: we left Lyon at about noon to head down to Montpellier. There was an empty sisters apartment, and we were closing it and moving all the things to a new one. 

We only had enough to time to put a small load of bags in our car and move it to the new apartment. We had to then drive out to Pau. That's a sector in the very south west corner of France. We arrived at 11:00 PM
All the elders in the district were there for District meeting the next day. So we did MegaBed.

Wednesday: we went shopping for food, and took it to district meeting. We had breakfast for lunch. 
For the meeting, we talked about making goals, and planning how to carry them out. It was very appropriate because it was almost the new year. 

After the meeting, the Pau elders and us, went to a store to go buy them a new drier. Turns out the store was empty of stock. So we ended up not getting them a drier. 

We then left Pau and made it back to Montpellier at 9:00

Thursday: we woke up and started moving things from the old sisters apartment to the new one. Pretty easy... The only problem was the bunk beds. We couldn't take the frames apart, and they were really long. So we had to take one at a time and sit behind the frame as we drove... 

Getting the frames in was a pain too. The hall was too small in the new apartment, and we couldn't fit the second frame in. So we took it out on the balcony, and slipped it through the kitchen window. It almost didn't fit that was too!

After some stressful moving, we had to take all the trash to the dump. We couldn't find a dump, so the elders allowed us to dump all the broken wood and cardboard into the dumpster at their church.

Once we did that, we drove back to Lyon. We got there at about 9 at night. We picked up some packages, and then went straight to Geneva. We got there at 11:00 at night. We managed to catch some New Years Eve fireworks! 

Friday: we got our transfer calls that morning. We were at the Geneva Chapel with all the missionaries in Geneva. 

Once that happened, elder Keller and I drove up to Lausanne to drop off some packages to the Zone Leaders there. 

Then we drove down to Annecy. The elders in Annecy had a washer that wouldn't fit in their bathroom. So we swapped that out with the washer in the sisters apartment. The sisters lived on the 5th floor, with no elevator... Washers are also very heavy. 

After all the workout, we went to lunch with the Elders. We got a kebab and walked to the famous Lake Annecy. While there we had 3 different people and families stop and talk to us. They were all members, but from different places! 

After Annecy, we drove to Chambery. We were there to pick up bunk bed. The bunk bed took some time to disassemble. Finally after we got it all apart,Mae placed it in our car and drove back to Lyon.

Saturday: we were finally home after driving 1,241 miles in 4 days. We placed the bunk bed in our garage. Then we went to the institute to wait for people to come to English class. No one showed up, so we went to the STL's (kinda like sister zone leaders) apartment. They needed us to take some chairs out that were broken. They also allowed me to take one of the swords they had in their closet. 

After taking the broken stuff to the dump, we went home so I could pack a little. At 6:30 we went to Master Tacos with the zone. Elder Keller and I ordered #5's. That's the biggest size of taco. It's over a kilo of food. (2.2 pounds). 
i ate all of mine! The sisters were giving me grossed out faces the whole time... They all orders 1's. 

After eating a taco the size of a small child, we went home and finished packing.

Sunday: we had church at 9! I love church in the morning. We had the second hour of class in English because of all the Chinese investigators. 

For priesthood, we had a visitor from Spain that spoke English, so I translated into English was was being said. It was very hard... The French speak so fast, and everything they say can't be translated directly. So I had to figure out the meaning and just roll with it.

After church we went back home and did even more packing! 

All in all, with all the driving and driving and moving, mixed with packing, it was a stressful but productive week.

So that's it for me in the moving equipe! It's been fun to travel the mission, but I'm glad to go back to regular work.

I love you all, and hope you had a great New Years. I love you all, and hope you have a great week! 

Love, Elder Race Acheson 

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