Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Merry Christmas everyone! 

Also, it really is week 11 in Lyon. I put week 1 in Paris as an inside joke for our family friend Eric in Paris.  Sorry if you didn't understand... (But he does.)

So! For this amazing week of Christmas, we had lots of things happen! I'll give you all the run down. 

So on Monday, we went and visited Old Lyon. We walked around the old alley ways and stores. We then went and ate at some restaurant that was really good! We were hanging out with the Chinese Elders and their investigators. I have decided that I really want to learn Chinese. 

After lunch we helped the AP's move packages to the church for the mission conference. 

Then we went to the Institute to do emails. 

Tuesday: It was the first day of the mission wide conference. So we woke up and went to the Ecully Chapel to help set up decorations for the conference. Lots of missionaries where already there, so we got done fast.
Elder Barnes, one of the AP's asked Elder Keller and I to run to a store real quick to buy The Lion King on DVD. So we left everyone and drove to a store to get that. We then went to the Aquarium in Lyon to drop off the DVD and make sure it worked on the Projector in the Aquarium Theater. 

The plan for the conference was to meet in the Aquarium and watch the movie, and have President speak to us there. 

After we left, we met up with lots of missionaries arriving off of buses. We all went to the Confluence of the Soane and Rhone rivers. We took pictures as a mission, and then played some games outside. We then went to a park and ate pizza and played more games! 

After that, we went to the Aquarium and walked around and looked at all the fish. Then we went inside the theater room and watched Lion King. Half way through, we stopped and ate Master Tacos. 

It pretty much was the best night ever! 

After that, we had a few missionaries stay at our apartment.

Wednesday: We went to the Ecully Chapel and we listened to a few musical numbers preformed by missionaries. Then President Brown spoke to us, and we all got to feel the spirit of Christmas together as a mission. 

After the conference, we all ate, and got our presents and left on the buses. 

Elder Keller and I had to leave to go find a potential Ami. We tried to find this guy, but we couldn't. So we went contacting. While contacting we found a guy named Mario. We went to a spot and we talked about the restoration a little.

We gave him a Book of Mormon, and invited him to church. He said maybe. 

Thursday: We had a exchange with the Zone Leaders. We went porting in an outer ville. I was with Elder Walker, and while porting, we ended up talking to this couple for a good while. We talked about the restoration, and talked about authority in Christs church. 

They took everything pretty well, and they were very nice. They gave us their number, and said it would be ok to return sometime! 

After porting, we went Caroling with other missionaries at a Rest Home. 
There were the coolest elderly people. One little bald lady who was always giving us thumbs ups! 

After caroling, we went to the big elders apartment in our distinct, and we had both equips there, with the ZL's and then us. We all had a party. We then stayed up until midnight (Allowed to). 

Friday: We woke up at 8:30 (Allowed to again). 

We opened up presents together, and then we all went our separate ways. 
Elder Keller and I went home and relaxed until 6:00. We then went to the Sweeney's so we could skype our families. 

It was great to see my family! I got to see my brother who got off his mission 6 months ago, my sister who's now a senior, my aunt Bonnie, my grandpa Tom, and my parents! Weird to think that the next Skype Call will be my last. Bleh... 

After Skype, we watched Wreck-It-Ralph. It's my favorite move. I bought it last Monday. We had the ZL's and the sisters with us. 

After that we went home.

Saturday: We did some basketball with a recent convert named Ludivck. We played Horse, and then just messed around for a bit. We then invited him to help teach Mario at the institute with us later that night. He said he would try to come. 

After sports we went home. Got ready, and then went to the institute. 

Mario came, and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. Mario was timid and shy to talk to. He comes from a french speaking island to the south of the US. 

We were about finished when Ludivick came! He testified and Mario seemed to really listen to him. 

After that we went and played Ping Pong together. 

When Mario left, we took the Zone Leaders home. Then later, we took the Chinese elders home as well! People like it when we give them rides home. 

Sunday: We had church, and talked about Revelations. It's pretty hard to understand already, and it was all in french on top of that... It was a great lesson though! 

After church, we went home and made some Peanut butter Brownies. We then went to the other apartment, and had dinner with our fellow missionaries. 

That sums up this wonderful week! This next week is the last in the transfer, and we are going to be busy moving and apartment and going across the mission again.

I love you all, and hope you had a great Christmas, and wish you a happy new year! 

Love, Elder Race Acheson 

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