Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Hello family and friends!  It's my mission Hump Day.  Its hard to believe that I have completed one year of my amazing mission to France. Again, this week has been full of random and cool things! 
To sum it up real quickly for you all, it started on Monday. 
My Mission Hump Day!

Monday: we went to master tacos and toured the ancient part of Lyon. We walked around the old roman ruins, the cathedrals, and ally's in the city. That took most of the day. We went home and then went to bed! 

Tuesday: we had a lesson!!! We taught a old ami named Jeremy. We taught him about the restoration, and he said he wound come to church! (He didn't). He was really nice though.

After that, we had time to go drive up near Geneva to drop off some sofa chairs to some elders. 

Wednesday: we had interviews with president Brown on Skype! Because we have a mission wide Christmas conference, he had to Skype us.

After our calls, we went to master tacos with the Chinese elders. After that, we went and did some inventory. We then went to a home and garden store to buy some plastic wrapping for a senior couple.

Thursday:  It was my year mark on my mission.........

besides that, we drove the Chinese elders up to Chalon. That's a ville really north in our mission. We had district meeting there.
We had a Christmas theme, and then we all went out to go contact. I went with Elder Burton. He's our zone leader. We went and showed the new church Christmas video. 

We taught a few people on the street, and even gave out a Book of Mormon! So it was a pretty successful day!
When we got back to the church, we went then went with some of the elders in our district to a members to had dinner. Elder Keller actually started his mission in Chalon, so it was cool to eat with some of his old members . 
After a really good dinner we drove home to Lyon. 

Friday: we took Elder Bleak, and Elder Ramsey with us up to Geneva. We were asked by President Brown to help move in the Church UN Representatives. So we met up with Elder Orton and his wife, and we began to move boxes into a big truck. 

After moving out of the apartment, we went to the Mission home to move the things into the home. 
I set up all the IKEA stuff. (Naturally) 

After dinner, the Ortons took all 4 of us a really good dinner in Geneva. We had half a chicken each, and fries!
We talked about lots of stuff! Turns out Elder Orton was a member of the 70, mission president of Romania and now works for the UN. Pretty interesting things.
After dinner, we drove home.

Saturday: we took a drier up to St. Etienne to give it to the sisters. We went to IKEA to buy a chair for the office. And then we went to the Church to have a Christmas party.
The missionaries in the ward all read the Luke 2 story in a different language for each verse. I was French! 
It was a great 
I talked a lot with the kids there. Just so you all know, I LOVE to talk to kids in French! Its so fun! And they understand you! 

Sunday: We had church, and Elder Keller and were asked to teach on the spot about eternal marriage. That was fun to talk about! 

After church, we went over to the Sweeney's house for a party. They had a couple of their neighbors come, so we got to talk to them! 

So that was the week for us! We have Christmas next week, and we are having a HUGE MISSION CONFERENCE!  I love you all, and hope you have a wonderful time feeling the spirit of Christ!
I love you all,

Love, Elder Race Acheson

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