Tuesday, March 31, 2015


March 31, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
Elders in the Bordeaux Zone

This was a crazy week. I was in Bordeaux for the beginning of the week. Monday night when I was sleeping apparently bed bugs bit me all over my body. So my face looked like it had zits all over. My arm was then covered in red spots, and my feet were super itchy and it was annoying. 
Elder Acheson DID let the bed bugs bite

I got a package from my older brother in Albania! He sent me a cool watch, some ties, and a name badge he used! There was even some Albanian teaching material! Thanks Chase!
Gift from older brother, Elder Acheson I from Albania

We had a busy week with our investigators. We have a group of 5 right now. Our Nigerian family with a Mom and 3 kids. We taught them about the Book of Mormon. The mom loves the Bible, and is surprised that there might be another book of scripture. She said she will read, and we hope she can come to conference this weekend! We have a few amis we want to come as well.  
With Elder Bollard during an exchange in Perigueux

On Thursday, we had a Blitz with the Zone Leaders here in PĂ©rigueux. I went with Elder Bollard and we contacted and ported most the day. I learned things I could do to improve as a Missionary. 
Homemade Pizza!

Friday was District Meeting, and I made fresh pizza dough, and it turned out pretty good! Later that night, Elder Thompson and I went over to the Branch Mission Leader's house to work out the Mission Plan for the Branch here.

On Saturday, we cut more wood and stacked it. Then we had lunch with the Family Donadier. We had some Rendez-Vous set up, but they fell through. So we contacted, and tried to do other things. 

On Sunday, we had our other ami Gilbert come to church  for the end of Sacrament. All the Branch was excited to see an Ami come.
Warming up the baptismal font

After church, the Branch of Bergerac had a baptism at our chapel because they don't have a Font at their building. The water was really cold, so the missionaries got hot water from the faucet and dumped it into the Font to try and warm it. 

After the Baptism, the Elders of Bergerac came to our house and spent the night. We had Tartiflette which is like cheesy potatoes. It's really good!

On Monday we had Zone Conference. We went to Bordeaux and met in the Chapel. President Roney spoke to us above how we need to face God as a member and missionary. He brings the spirit, and you know he is super caring about the mission. 

He gave all the Missionaries a really nice book called "The Life of the Savior". It is the 4 gospels in the Bible. So Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The book has different colors for each Gospel, and the book is the chronological order of it all. Each page has all the scriptures intertwined perfectly. There even is the Joseph Smith Translation put into it. That way, when you read it. It is a perfect version of the life of Christ. I am excited to read it! 
The beautiful Bordeaux Cathedral


Sister Roney spoke after, and showed us a funny slide show of the 42 reasons why "not" to visit France. It was pictures of the places in France that make it dull, like the beaches, castles, flower patches, beautiful citys, and such. I am proud to say that all but a few were in our mission here in the south! 

We had interviews with President Roney as well. It was amazing and very spiritual to talk with him one on one. He gives me so much hope in the furure of my mission, and my life. It will be amazing to receive council on business endeavors and educational guidance from him. I love the Roneys so much, and it will be sad to see them go in a few months. 
Elder Thompson

We missed our train to go back home, so we stayed in the Gare to wait. I played some piano, and had  a very drunk man come up to me, and he started to play. He slammed the notes, played loud, and looked me in the eyes and pretended to be a serious player, who had emotion in the notes he played. Strange.... Bordeaux can be weird sometimes.

Today we have already visited the stores around our apartment, and went into the Cathedral to take a look around! 
This transfer is already half way over, and I love it here, but am looking forward to other cities in France! 

I love you all, and hope you know that Christ is our Savior, and we can improve every day! Have a great week!

-Love Elder Acheson  II

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