Saturday, March 21, 2015

Week #6 in Perigueux, France

Dear Family and Friends, 
Saying Au revoir to Elder Johnson

This last week of the transfer was fast! 

We fasted for a member of the ward who was getting an operation, and we managed to get a few good conversations in! We were hungry the entire day, but it was a day of blessings! 

On Wednesday I had an exchange with the other Elder Johnson of Bergerac. We walked around and contacted a little, and we even taught a lesson on the doorstep of a house we knocked at. We even got a Kebab for lunch. We spent the day trying to find some member homes and old amis. We made some good cookies as well! 

Yin managed to come to town, so we spent some time with him and walked inside the ally ways of Centre Ville.
At the end of the day, we went to a part member family and played Uno, gave a spiritual thought, and ate some spicy french food. (I didn't know they had spicy food here). 

The next day was District Meeting. We talked about Project Elijah, and then went to a really good doughnut shop. I got a really good american burger, and they even had Root beer! They never have Root beer in France!

After the members of the District left town, Elder Johnson (My real one now) and I went on a train and went to St. Astier to visit a member. We did a booklet lesson with her, and she sent us home with homemade Kebabs. They were really good. 

The next morning President Roney called for the Transfer Calls. I would stay in Périgueux and received my next father Elder Thompson who was the Zone Leader of Montpellier. So now I can say I have two really cool fathers! 

Elder Johnson was called to be the Second Counselor of the Branch of Albi. That day he packed and then got ready to leave. We had an appointment that night with a old ami, and when we got there, the man had a huge dog! It barked the whole lesson and was right in your face. The dog was nice, but really loud. He even jumped on me and got my clothes wet and gross. It wasn't the best appointment... 

The next day we carried Elder Johnson's heavy bags down the six flights of stairs, lugged them to the Gare and got on the train to Bordeaux. We then made it to Toulouse on a TGV. We met the Elders of Albi, and got in the car and drove for an hour. 

We got to Albi and went to the church. One Elder and I cleaned the church, while the senior comp of Albi and Elder Johnson went into a room to talk about the branch. 

When I was mopping, I split the whole bucket in the Chapel. The whole floor was covered in mop water... We cleaned it up as best we could and let it dry the next day.

I went to church in Albi, and was asked to bare my testimony in French. It wasn't so bad, but it wasn't as good as I would have liked it to be. 

After church we visited a member and gave her the Sacrament, then went back to the apartment. 

We then drove back to Toulouse and slept at the apartment there with the other Elders. We then all went to the Gare in the morning for Transfer Day. 

At the Gare I talked with a lot of Missionaries, ate a really good Kebab, then went to Bordeaux to meet my new father. Once we met up, we got on a train back home, and we unpacked and I cooked my famous Alfredo Sauce for him and I! 

Elder Thompson s
Saying Bonjour to Elder Thompson
Elder Thompson is really cool, he is almost dead ...meaning he will end his mission this summer, and speaks great French! He is practically a Professional Baseball player. We have great plans for the ville this Transfer! I can't wait to do great work with him!
I wish you all a great week, and hope to write you soon! 

-Love Elder Acheson  II

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