Monday, March 9, 2015


March 9, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been super fast! 

For the rest of P-Day, we visited an old Roman Temple. It's amazing how it is still standing! We then saw an old Château that a lord lived in. Lots of history in Périgueux! We finished the day at FHE with the single adults.

On Tuesday, we had things planned, but Elder Johnson felt sick, so he rested while I studied language. That is the main activity for Tuesday.

Wednesday was an intense day. I went on a Blu Exchange with one of the elders that I entered the mission with. We both  speak very little French and were forced to try. It was a good experience for us. 

We had a lesson that day and it was the Plan of Salvation. We planned to teach a woman named Sandra. When we arrived we found out that her daughter fell that morning, and hurt her mouth. We decided to give a blessing to her. Unfortunately she didn't know about the Priesthood yet... We explained a little, and continued with the blessing. 

After the that, we began the lesson. My companion had a hard time understanding, so I translated all the French I could understand into English for him to understand. Then I translated some stuff that he wanted to say back!

Somehow, in the lesson, Sandra started to talk about a magician doing tricks like walking down a building without falling, and flying. She thought that it was the power of God. I responded and said that for the next lesson the elder that knows French will explain more and explain how that's not the power of God. 

After that unusual lesson we walked back home to change for service. We sanded plaster off the walls at a members house for a few hours. We ate dinner there and headed home for bed. 

The next day we got on the train and went to the Périgueux church for District Meeting. We practiced the questionnaire. We ate together as a District and then went our separate ways.

The Begerac elders stayed in town. They helped us clean the apartment that's been sold. After that, we all got on a bus to Bergerac to give a lesson to one of their amis, Marie Antoinette.

We taught Marie Antoinette about temples and had a good lesson. We then went home and got ready for bed. 

The next morning Elder Johnson and I woke up at 5am to head home. We studied and went out to work a bit. That night we had dinner with Frere de Oliveira. He is the Ward Mission Leader. We had some really good chicken. We returned home, and got ready for bed. 

On Saturday we cut more wood with Frere Donadier. I pulled the logs and stacked them. Good practice for being a lumberjack! Thankfully I have had lots of practice cutting and stacking logs back home.  My dad is from Washington State and it is mandatory that all his children become expert lumberjacks and fire starters. 

We ate lunch with the Donadiers again and had some pasta! After lunch we came home and showered. We went to the church to set up for a Talent Show.  

When we got to the church and the power was off so we had Jean-Luc, who knows about that type of stuff, check it out.
Jean-Luc and Elder Acheson

We got the power back on and then we had the Talent Show. Dominique, the Elders Quorum President, taught everyone how to play chess for about 20 mins... Then we heard some singing. I played my harmonica and squealed my lips for the ending. Elder Johnson and I then made weird duck noises with our hands. We did the Star Spangled Banner. Everyone laughed and loved it. 

After food and talking we made it home. We were stressed about the show for weeks and no power really didn't help the stress. It turned out great and we were happy with it. We made it to bed ready to fall asleep.

While sleeping I woke up to a charlie horse in my calf. It hurt so bad. I thought it was a dream, then when I woke, my calf was sore.

I had what you could say was a nightmare. I dreamed that for the transfer I was being transferred out of the mission. I got reassigned to Washington State. I was sad to leave France, but happy to be speaking English... I woke up and was weird-ed out with it all. I'm just happy to be here in France even though it's hard.

On Sunday we had our church and then we dropped off a booklet to a member, studied, and did other things. Elder Johnson did calls at night and I fell asleep to a church movie. 

That's how our week was here in Périgueux! We are trying to find more people to teach and have a few meetings this week. I hope you all have a great week!

-Love Elder Acheson II

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