Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Family and Friends,
Elder Steadman and Elder Acheson (MTC Friends)

This week was short and exciting! Elder Thompson and I had a busy week with contacting and porting. We met a Nigerian lady and introduced her to the Book of Mormon, prayed with her on the street, and even set up another Rendez-Vous! We went porting after that, and met a nice Catholic lady who spoke with us for a few minuets, and then another lady called all the neighbors to lock the doors and not answer our knocks...

We eventually made it to a nice old man named Gilbert. He talked to us and recognized us as Mormons. We had to make it back to the bus, so we couldn't talk long. He invited us inside, and said he would drive us home if we missed the bus. 
Elder Thompson

When we came inside he brought out all the religious things he had, and even had a Book of Mormon! We talked with him a little, prayed, and left for the bus. We found out that we missed it, and Gilbert gave us a ride back to Centre Ville! We hope we can get another meeting with him! 

Over the week we were able to get 50 conversations, and are super pumped on the work we have coming next week. 

All the Bleus (new missionaries) went back to Lyon for a meeting. We all got to see each other again, and see how we were all doing! We even did some contacting and had some good conversations! 
Reunited with my MTC group

A six week missionary check up with the MTC missionaries and companions

After all our work, we went to an amazing place called Master Taco. They have 5 different Tacos, that are pretty much Burritos. They increase in size, and the #5 is over 2 pounds, and is like 2 feet long.. Elder Thompson got one, and felt the pain for the next two days!
Elder Acheson's Master Taco

We then came home on a long train ride, planned, and went to church the next day. After church we then organized. 
We have a ticket to ride

Today for Monday,I am in Bordeaux for a few days as all the District Leaders go back to Lyon for a meeting about the iPads. I'm with Elder Pien who is from Canada and is super funny! Because it's P-Day here in Bordeaux, we walked down one of the longest roads for shopping in France! I have decided to travel back here when I finish my Mission, and do some shopping!
Elder Acheson and Elder Pein from Canada

These next days are going to be great! We will do some work here in Bordeaux and have a blast! 

The work here in France is very hard. I see many people everyday who need the Gospel of Christ. I am trying hard to talk and share it. My testimony grows everyday on the importance of the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and every other commandment of God. I am thankful for the chance to reinforce my testimony. I love Christ, I am glad to be his Missionary. I want everyone to know that we need Christ everyday in our lives. Through him, we truly receive that joy that everyone wants. 
Loving it in Bordeaux

I love you all, and wish you a great week!

-Love Elder Acheson!

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