Monday, April 6, 2015

Week #9 in Perigueux, France

Dear Family and Friends,
Elders Thompson and Acheson watching LDS General Conference

This week has been fast and slow at the same time! On Wednesday Elder Thompson and I walked ALL OVER town. We went by some old invesitagators, and we saw a less active memeber of the brance. We walking into this real tranquile neighborhood, and we deicided to take a companion picture! We had a Rendez-Vous till 9:30 so we had to run home.

On Thursday we taught our Nigerian Investigator, we did the Restoration and she has a hard time believing that God inspired another set of scriptures. We will keep working on her! 

Elder Thompson and I then went on the bus to go to Bergerac and made a exchange with those Elders. I have found out that I get really car sick in France. There is no AC and its hot, with winding roads... Not a good mix for me. 

Elder Sneddon, who was now my companion for the day, went with me and we got a Kebab for dinner. We then contacted and met a nice lady who gave us her address to go over ways to strengthen the family!

On Friday, we visited our Investigators and invited them to Conference at the Church. None of them could come because they were busy.. After that we had to go to the bus to go back to Bergerac. I got car sick again... 

On Saturday, it was General Conference! It feels like Christmas here in the Mission Field!
We came to the church and made some cookies that got burnt. Then we went into the library upstairs and watched Conference in English. 

My Aunt Bonnie Lee in the middle

My Aunt Betsy Lee Bailey in the lower middle

I saw both my Aunts who sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! It's weird to be across the world and see them!

Sunday was the same plan. We spent all day at the church watching Conference. It was a great Conference! There were many things about the Family. It matches what we are focusing on here in the mission! I loved watching Conference. I hope everyone was able to see it! 

Today on P-Day, EVERYTHING is closed for Easter Monday... So we went into some churches and toured the city. So we have a lot of time to relax and write, and watch some more conference! 

That is what our week was like here in France! It's sunny here in PĂ©rigueux right now! We have an amazing view of the Cathedral and the blue sky! 

My Dad sent me a amazing picture that one of our old ward members drew of me! It was drawn out of pencil! )

I love you all, and miss you! I hope you all have a great week!  

-Love Elder Acheson!

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