Tuesday, April 14, 2015


April 13, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
Elder Thompson and Elder Acheson

This week was fast! We had some lessons with our Amis. We had one of our Congolese
 Members come and teach Chika with us. We taught her more about the Book of Mormon. 

We taught the other female amis outside in the sun! It was very sunny the past week! It's great! 

Zone Leader--Elder Miner and Elder Acheson
I had a exchange with Elder Miner, my Zone Leader. We were walking to the bus stop, and we met a inactive member. We managed to get a Rendez-Vous for the next day. So we walked over to her house, but she wasn't there. Her 21 year old son was though! He was working on a motorcycle. Watching him work on it makes me want to learn how to repair things like that!

After he got the bike running, we went into his room, and showed him the Easter Christ movie. He liked it, and we showed him the Youtube Mormon Chanel. Hope he looks at more movies!

We were going to have an exchange with another companionship in our district. But one of the Elders was sick, so we did work in our town instead. We had no appointments. So we did a nice day of Porting! We were also fasting. So we walked around and knocked on doors for a great 6 hours! We met some cool people, and hopefully can come back to one or two of those houses.

After we had church, and then we had a good Branch Council. We then went home, broke our fasts, and then ate. The Brive Ward had two baptisms later that day, so we went back to the church to turn on the water. 

There were two families that had their daughters getting baptized. I met an American guy who was teaching at a school near Brive. I told him I was from Provo, and he said he had a family member who taught at BYU! I asked him who it was. He said anyone with the last name Thompson. He then said, One was a legend there. Her name was Janie Thompson. She was in the music programs. 
My 2nd cousin Jacob Thompson and me, Elder Acheson

I smiled and then asked if he knew Bob Thompson, and Carolyn Thompson Lee (my grandma) as well! His eyes grew big, and he was amazed!  Turns out he and I are related! We have the same Great Aunt!  It was pretty funny! I was able to share some of the stories about Janie, because I practically lived at her house. Sadly, neither of us as related to my companion Elder Thompson.

After the baptism, we walked to the apartment of a member. We met a man on a scooter who asked us who we were. We said Mormons, and he didn't know who they were. So we asked if there was another time we could come over and explain more about the church! He said yes! 

We then went to our members home, and he made us some good chicken with vegetables. He also loves the electric guitar. So he played some Black Dog from Led Zeppelin to show off. It was not bad! 

He then dropped us off at home when the evening was over.

For P-day today we went to a great place near the coast called Arcachon! It is a city on the coast, and has a HUGE sand dune next to the beach. We climbed up the huge dune and met up with the other missionaries that came there. We had 12 missionaries total. 

We sat in the sand, played some soccer and football. I took some cool pictures of my name badge in the sand next to the water. 

Just looking at the water made me want to visit back when I am off my mission. I would love to take a boat and just spend a week in the French coast. 

Arcachon was super fun. It was super exhausting because of all the sand we had to walk in. We ran down the super steep part to go back to the bus. One Elder filmed me and I ran and almost hit him! The video turned out pretty good! I would love to visit this place again! 

We came home super tired, and went to FHE, We have a lunch meeting with one of the members in our ward. We are going to a all you can eat French Food Buffet! Can't wait! 

I love you all, and wish you the best! Hope you have a great week! 

-Love Elder Acheson II

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