Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Tuesday January 27, 2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

Time is going by fast! We are on our last week here at the MTC! We got our Travel Plans, and leave the SLC Airport, fly to Chicago, then to London, and finally Lyon! All of us here are super excited and can't wait!

We have been doing a lot of studies, and zone meetings on contacting and door to door approaches. We teach our teachers every day, and have been improving with our French! 

the France Lyon Missionaries!
For our TRC, Elder Tomlinson and I talked with the Ward Mission Leader of a branch in France. He was very nice, and said he would love to work with us. One of the teachers, Brother Adams, gave our  district a concentrated lesson on how to contact. Apparently in France, people don't like to be stopped while they walk in the street. That will prove to be a problem, but with the Lord on our side, I know we will be able to get some Investigators.  

I began to color code my French scriptures. I have a Key on the front page that has stickers. Each color is a different subject, and each side of the book is a different topic of the first three lessons. I then have all the scriptures that relate to the color, marked and easy to access. The only problem is, it's difficult to pronounce the words and know what they mean. At least I have a long day of travel to study. 

Elder Hone, who the is pizza lover in our District, has reached over 100 slices of pizza here in the MTC. 

We have some native French speakers in our zone. I have recently started to just try and have conversations with them. It is getting easier every day to have more fluid sentences, better use of vocab, and understanding the language.

On Sunday, for the evening devotional, the speaker was Elder Steven Allen. He is an Area Seventy, and spoke about being worthy to serve a mission. One great thing he did, was allow all the Elders in the room take off their suit coats. This almost never happens, and was paradise for us all. 

Besides all of that, there really isn't anything else new here! Next week will be a different story! We will leave this country for the next 23 months of our young lives, and begin to really serve the people of France!

I love you all, and hope you have a great week! 

-love, Elder Acheson II
Thank you Aunt Bonnie for the candy letter!

My new friend, Elder Maltelour

Thank you Deurdens for the cookies and thanks dad for the ties!

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