Monday, January 19, 2015


Hello from the MTC! 

It is now week four for all of us! French has gotten harder, and we are teaching more, and soon will Skype with members in France on Wednesday. To catch you all up, Last P-Day evening, we had Bonnie L. Oscarson, the General Young Woman President come speak to us. That was a great experience for all of us here! 

The day after P-Day is always exhausting, so in class the day after, we all couldn't stay awake. We did start a program called TRC. That is where strangers who speak French, come speak with us companionship's. It's a great way to learn conversation. Later that night, we had Gym. I started to run a mile every night so I can keep up with all the food they serve at the MTC. Once I run, I play with some of my favorite Elders in Four Square. I know I keep saying it, but Four Square can get heated, and hard to play! Specially with Elder Steadman and I at the lead. 

On Thursday, I received packages from my favorite people! I got some fresh bread that was made by MY WONDERFUL neighbors, a new Harmonica from my amazing Grandparents in Washington State, cheese in a can, and some custom stationary for sending letters! I am also proud to say that I am able to play "Praise to The Man" on the Harmonica! I can't wait until I can walk the streets of southern France and play hymns for everyone!

The next day, my companion Elder Tomlinson, was under the weather, so we took a break from teaching our investigators. 

A weird thing about the MTC is the fact that when it's Friday, it doesn't feel like the weekend. The real day for that is Monday! P-Day Eve! One of the best days of the week. Just so you all know. 

On Sunday, we had our Sacrament Meeting in French again, and two missionaries gave talks in French. We have devotionals on Sunday nights, and have a more relaxing day. In the evening, one of our District Presidency members came to our Dorm to give us an object lesson. His name is Brother Markham. If the LDS Church has a "Most Interesting Man Alive" contest, he would win it. He is a Dentist, who bottles his own Grape Juice, and Heliboards with some of the best doctors in the country. He owns a few vineyards, and gave us a lesson on Jacob 5. It talks about vineyards and how to need to take care of the crops. He has produced some of the most amazing Grape Juice! It is called Chateau Markham. It's all made in Utah, and tastes amazing! It isn't sold anywhere, instead he gives it out. Almost all the 12 Apostles have had the grape juice during their retreats, and a good amount of the Nation's Military Generals have had it and love it! He told us a story about when he gave the generals the grape juice. They all took out their phones and took pictures of the bottle to find it online to purchase later. Little do they know, that it is a private label, and not sold anywhere. 

Yesterday, we started a zone wide game of tag. The rules are, you can only tag people in the month of January. If you are it by the end of the month, you have to wait until the next year to tag someone else. This game will continue until everyone playing is dead. So in five years, if I'm it, and I want to get someone else, I probably will need to fly and stalk my fellow zone member and tag them. It will be an interesting game for the rest of our lives. 

On P-Day Eve, its hard to study sometimes because it's the real weekend feeling. Over 50 hours of class, and you are just ready for a break. 

Even thought it's hard here in the MTC, it is worth it, and I love it! All my fellow missionaries are amazing, and I'm excited to serve with them! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and you can use it everyday in your life! I love you all, and until next week!

Please send me Dear Elders at It's great to hear from people out in the real world! 

- Love Elder Acheson

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