Thursday, January 8, 2015


To start out, this week, as like the others, been very busy and stressful. It was less interesting as the week before. The main Devotional was the man who is in charge of the Missionary Service Media Department.

He is responsible for Mormon.Org, the pass along cards, all the videos that Missionaries show to investigators, and even the huge "He is The Gift" ad in Times Square in New York.

That was a very cool devotional, because he gave us a view of the future of Missionary service. 
Usually on Sundays, there are movies that we can all see, such as Meet the Mormons, Testaments, or the Character of Christ (The MTC Special). Our District decided to see Meet the Mormons. It was a great feeling to see the outside world. We were happy to see the football scenes, and all the traveling. It get's cramped in the MTC, due to all the class and time in the dorms. 

This week, we have added up that we have been in class for more than 50 hours. We have been teaching  progressing Investigators about the Gospel in French. It has only been 3 weeks here, and my French is defiantly improving. It's hard to remember all the things we learn, so it becomes very stressful sometimes. Yesterday, one of the teachers that helps all the districts, taught me the Grammar Train. It's the master formula on how to make a French sentence. I haven't memorized it yet, but once I do, it should be easier to create sentences in my mind. 

New update with my fractured elbow. For the whole time I have been in the MTC, I have had a fractured left elbow. I have been going to therapy off campus to the Provo Hospital to get it worked on. I am happy to say, that I have had my last session of Therapy! During my scheduled x-ray appointment on Dec. 31, Elder Pieksma, another Elder in my District came with me, and when we walked in to the waiting room, and we went to the fish tank to watch the fish.
A lady who was sitting down when we walked in, had tears in her eyes, and asked us if we would give her a blessing. Elder Pieksma and I were very new with giving blessings. So we looked at each other and didn't know what to do! We told her we would, and so she asked the front desk if we could all go into a empty room. We shut the door, and she told us about her situation she was in. She told us that she was stressed about her kids, because of the situation they were in, and was new to Provo, and was leaving soon after, and just needed comfort. We got her name, and then I preformed the blessing with Elder Pieksma assisting me. She was crying at the end of the blessing, so I hope she received the answers and comfort she was seeking. I am just amazing at how being a representative of Jesus Christ, and wearing the name badge, prompts even random strangers to walk up to you, and ask for guidance and help. I am grateful for the lady for asking us to help her with her troubles.

On a different note,  the Cafeteria at the MTC is huge! There are so many people eating there at one time! One of my favorite things is the drink stations that are dispersed through out the place. If you know me well, then you know I love grape juice!

They have an endless supply. They have a variety of other juices and sodas as well. I soon developed my new favorite drink. Its 1/3 Grape Juice, 1/3 Raspberry Lemonade, and 1/3 Sprite. It is so good! I took me some time to find a name for it. One Elder in my District, Elder Hone, has a hard time saying Acheson... So since we are French speaking, I said, call me Aché! That soon became the name of my drink! So very frequently during any meal, I hear, Aché! can you make me an Aché please? I would suggest my drink, since it is very good! 

Today for P-Day, we went to do Initiators at the Temple, then ate in the cafeteria, and then we hung out at the dorm. Since some people might have different opinions on the matter, I will be vague. There may,or may have not been Nerf dart guns, teams of Elders, or even the moving of furniture while playing capture the flag today. 

After our time in the dorm, we went and got sack lunches for our meal, and now we are writing here on the computers in our class building! 

The MTC is a wonderful place. We work hard, study hard, and even play hard. We eat until we can't eat no more, and play 4-Square like it's the world Championship. I know that this is place where I need to be right now in my life. I want everyone to know, that the church is true, that the Gospel is real, and that our Heavenly Father loves us all! I love you all, and wish you a Happy New year, and look forward to more study this coming week! 

Love, Elder Acheson

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  1. Ache' is a great name for a specialty drink. It is also a great name for a wonderful missionary who is working so hard, playing so hard, and studying so hard. So proud of Elder Acheson!

    Aunt Betsy