Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,

This has been another crazy week in the MTC! We have a new MTC Presidency. This last Tuesday, we practiced Joseph Smith's first prayer, and we sang it for Elder Russel M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve. The Director of all Mission work was also present, as well as many other General Authorities of the Mission Department. The devotional was shown to all the other MTC's in the world. When we sang in the choir, our district was shown twice up close. It was awesome to have our faces seen all over the world to other missionaries. 

On the next day, we had TRC again. Elder Tomlinson and I Skyped with a native French speaker that lives near Lyon. She was a member, but we still gave a lesson about prayer. It was an awesome experience to practice our conversation again. We look forward to actually speaking to people in France!

We have had a District goal of (PVL) Parler Votre Langue, or in other words, Speak Your Language. We had a great day the first day, but it is hard to always speak in French. We plan to keep trying, as our departure date creeps closer. 

We joined in with the new District who are also French speakers, and did a Livre de Mormon pronunciation game. If you messed up on a word, you would go to the back to the end of the line. That was a pretty useful and fun game! 

We have begun teaching our teachers as they pretend to be Inactive Members. It is pretty hard, because it is a totally different situation. I persuaded my inactive to come to church by saying after Sacrament Meeting, by saying we would go back to his house after church, and I would cook for him, and he said yes! Hopefully that will actually work in France! 

My wonderful mom send me my Picture Book of my family and work! Now I can show everyone what it was like to live in Provo! 

Foursquare is getting funner and funner! It's a great way to burn off steam. One time, all three people were ganging up on me. I had to lunge and save the ball when it bounced far out of my square, and did a powerful side arm swing and it grazed the edge of one of the other squares. Everyone cheered because it was so cool! The cool thing is that it was all one handed, since my elbow is still fractured. Just know that whenever you pass the MTC around 8:30 to 9:15at night, there is competitive foursquare happening. 

I am also proud to annouce the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Greenbay Packers in an amazing football game! Brother Markham, one of the counselors in the branch gave us scores on Sunday evening. He also brought us this amazing toothpaste that has super concentrated fluoride in it! So watch out France! You have some missionaries that have really healthy teeth coming your way! 

On Sunday afternoon, we went on our Temple walk. We went on the back side, and took cool pictures with some of the other zone missionaries, and took pictures of our name badges. We have a goal of taking as many cool name badge pictures during our mission! 

On Sunday evening, the new Presidency addressed us all, and we got to know more about them. We then watched the Joseph Smith movie in French. Only understood about 30 % of the movie... but it still was inspiring! 

On Monday, we taught our progressing investigator Nicolas, and found out that he is on track, and reading and praying! He is excited to be baptized, and hopefully wants to marry his girlfriend in the Temple! 

On P-Day Eve, we had the new District sleep in our room, and I talked with all the Montreal Canada Missionaries for the last time. They left this morning at 3:30. It's sad, because we are all good friends. It will be our turns to leave the MTC soon enough.

The MTC is still an amazing place and I am so excited to leave soon to go serve the people in France! I love you all, and have an amazing week! 

Love, Elder Acheson

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