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Alright! This week has been a little interesting because of an annual weeklong party in my ville.  My new companion Elder Douglas and I had to go to Bayonne for the week.
Getting soaked in the rain with Elder Pinnock in Bayonne

I'll start on Tuesday. We cleaned the apartment and packed to go to Bayonne. We then walked around the city. We then went to the church to do emails, and after that, we walked to the gare to head to Bayonne.

Once we got there, we met up with Elders Pincock and Withers. We went to their apartment right next to the gare. We ate some dinner and got mattresses out to sleep on the floor.

Wednesday: Pretty much Elder Douglas and I went out and tried to get lost in Bayonne. We went and contacted for a bit, and then we did some things with the other elders. We then took a bus to go near the border of Spain. We went and visited a family who were from New Zealand. We did a little spiritual thought on the My Family Booklet. While we walked back to the bus, it started to rain a lot. We got soaked.

We came home and dried off and called it a night.

Thursday: I did an exchange with Elder Withers. The two of us went and tried to find a store to repair his shoes. We then went back to the apartment to find some people to visit.
Les Missionaires en Bayonne

It was an awkward week for the reason that  3 of the 4 elders have never been to Bayonne and didn't know anything about it... Elder Pincock did a great job at keeping up with this to do.

After we looked in the area book, we went to go wait for a less active member in front of the Marie (city hall). He didn't show up. We then met up with the other elders and we went to a less active family's house. We talked with the mom and with her daughter who was active. There were two other girls who were less active and a son who surfed a lot, but they didn't really listen to our message.

The mother served a mission in the northern France mission and Belgium. It was the same mission as my mom, but I think she served a few years after my mom.

For just certain reasons, she is now less active. She was very nice though. She gave us frozen pizza to eat back at the apartment, and we were very thankful.

Friday: I went with Elder Withers and we taught a Ukrainian family how to order train tickets in French. We gave them the number of our Ukrainian friends in Mont de Marsan so they could talk with them.

There was a big language barrier because they don’t speak much French, and no English.

Once we finished the ticket lesson, we talked about a few scriptures. We answered some of their questions about Eternal Marriage. We talked about the priesthood, eternal marriage with your spouse
continues beyond the grave when you marry in the temple. I believe they liked the idea!
Kebabs, anyone?

After the Ukrainians we contacted a little, and then made some cookies. We were going to bring cookies to English class later that night. After cookies we all got a kebab. It was a really good one too! (I haven't had a bad kebab yet). After that, we took a bus to the church, and we taught English class. We had a few members come, and an ami! We introduced ourselves, and we went over simple phrases in English. Then we played Uno together.

After class we came back home.

Saturday: We got into our sports clothes, and we walked to an apartment complex to pick up a young ami who's from Hungry. We then all took a bus to a basketball court/soccer field. We all played soccer for a bit on the asphalt. After a bit, two ancient Amis came to play. One came from Ukraine and another from somewhere near Kazakhstan. They both were professional soccer players in the past. They were SUPER good. We played together until some members showed up.

I was pretty surprised on how well I played! I can't aim kicks, but I was able to get the ball around people and keep it pretty well! There was one time where I had the ball going down field where people tried to steal it, but I kept moving it and got close to the goal. It was grabbed by the keeper. The Ukrainian guy clapped and said "Good Job!" So that was cool!

We played for a total of 3 hours. Then we had to go back to the apartment. Elder Douglas and I had to go catch our bus. So we showered and got ready. The hot water is broken in the elder’s apartment, so every shower was pretty cold...
Beautiful church in Morcenx, France

We said goodbye, and then Elder Douglas and I got our train. We were stranded in Morcenx, a small vile, for a few hours. We visited a nice church with beautiful stained glass. We got some food at a small 

store, and then sat down under a cool canopy of trees.

We went back to the gare and sat down to wait for the train. While we sat, an old man spoke English to us. A couple sitting behind us looked at us, and I asked them if they spoke English. They did, and said they came from Germany. I asked where they learned English, and they said they studied in Scotland. I guessed the only city I knew in Scotland, Edinburgh. Turns out, that's where they studied! So I surprised them!  (My dad received a post doc degree from Edinburgh.  We have visited there as a family.)  They said that they were here to go camping and enjoy nature.

We had to then catch our train. We came home, and crashed. We then cleaned after that!:)

Sunday: We had church, we taught Amis class about the priesthood. Jean Louis and Dominique understood it very well after our lesson! They said it was logical and made sense!

We had a great sacrament meeting where Elder Douglas gave a talk, and then we made rendezvous for the week!

This upcoming week we have the elders of Bayonne saying with us for a few days. They have their annual party in Bayonne this week, so they will come hang with us!

That's pretty much it! I love you guys and have a great week!

-Elder Acheson
 (These are photos of Mont de Marsan preparing for the annual party.)
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