Monday, July 27, 2015


The Elders taking a lunch break
Saying goodbye to Elder Fritz
Elder Acheson and new companion Elder Dominic Douglas
Week 6 in Mont De Marsan

This was the last week for this transfer. Elder Fritz is going home, and I will stay here in the Mont and get Elder Douglas.

To start off the week, on Monday we went around the town and went to a mall to go shop for some gifts for Elder Fritz’s family. That was pretty much it for that day...

Tuesday: we went to go see the Ukrainian family to talk to them. We taught them some more French. They are super fun to be with. It's good I think for them to have us come talk and give them spiritual thoughts.
The cute Ukrainian children

After that little lesson, we went to see Marie Claude. We went to a small park to teach her. We sang a song, and we just talked about some things that she learned in her studies. She's really trying to learn more about the gospel. I’m super impressed with her!

After our lesson, Elder Fritz and I went to visit the Longis. We were only able to see the father. He said that he got his son baptized into another church. We know that family likes to have us there and talk with them, but we aren't sure about how serious they are in our church. We plan to still work with them.

Wednesday: Jean Louis picked us up early, and we went and did service for him. We drove in his car, and drove all around his small town dropping off letters to people's mailboxes. There were a lot of small roads in the middle of the forest. So we went off roading a lot to find those houses.

After some time we went to Jean Louis's house to stack wood. We stacked a lot of wood. I'm proud to say though, that my family has more wood than Jean Louis to burn in our fireplace back home in Utah.

Once we finished our work, we ate raclettes. This is SUPER French food. You roast meat on top of a grill, and then you have little trays to melt cheese under the grill. Once the meat is cooked, you take a boiled potato and place the meat on top, and dump the melted cheese on that. It was SO good!

We then taught Jean Louis and Dominique about temples. Then we transitioned into the Word of wisdom. We explained that we aren't supposed to drink alcohol, coffee, smoke, or use things that are addicting. Many people ask the Mormons why we have this "rule". To me, I know that these things are bad, one, because you can get addicted. Two, you waste money. And third, you lose the presence of the Holy Ghost. It's hard for a small voice of guidance to stay with when you are doing things harmful to your body.

Jean Louis and Dominique took the lesson very well. They said they have a small problem with coffee. They said that they will try to stop drinking coffee. I'm very proud of them!

After the lesson, they gave us the leftovers of the meat, and some fresh cucumbers from the garden.

We came home after and studied. Then went to get the Elders from Bayonne from the gare, because we had district meeting the next day.

Thursday: we had district meeting at the church. We talked about things we can do to become better missionaries.

Once we finished, I did a little exchange with Elder Cueva. We walked to centreville, and since we didn't have lunch yet, we got a kebab.

Then we went to see the Ukrainians. They weren't there, so we called and found that they were walking from the supermarket. So we went and met them walking with all their food.

We pushed the strollers filled with food, and talked to the parents. It was good practice for being a dad, pushing a stroller filled with food isn't the easiest thing in the world.

We had to get the visiting elders to the train so we only talked for a few minutes.

We walked to the Gare, and dropped the Elders off. Then Elder Fritz and I took care of some things he needed to do before going back to America.

Friday: we got our transfer calls. I am getting Elder Douglas who's coming from Dijion. That's the highest ville in the mission, and he's coming all the way across the country to little Mont de Marsan!:)

Elder Fritz is going home...

So we packed a lot on Friday. We also taught Marie Claude in the parkagain. We continued to go over things she studied.

We couldn't talk too long, because there was a lot of packing.

After 10:00 there was a lot of lightning, so we sat outside on our balcony watching the storm. We then went to bed at 10:30.

Saturday: we did more packing, and studies. We then went to Marie Claude’s apartment with a member to dedicate it. When you dedicate a home, you bless it to have the spirit, and be a place of safety and peace. It was sweet of Marie Claude to ask the member to dedicate it
for her.

After that, we had to leave. There is a big party where the town shuts
down for a few days next week. (Editor’s note: we think the celebration is for Bastille Day, France’s equivalent of the 4th of July) A pre-celebration market was going on. We had to walk past all the stalls to get across town. This party is
going to be wild, so the city is boarding up all the windows and fencing the sides of bridges for protection.

Elder Fritz and I went and got another kebab and ate it in the park. Then came home and finished packing.

Like the night before, there was lighting, so when he finished packing, we watched it.

Sunday: we had church and we taught the Plan of Salvation to Jean Louis, Dominique, and Marie Claude.

Elder Fritz took pictures with the members to say goodbye. We then hurried to the gare to get on a train to Bordeaux!

We arrived in Bordeaux and then said goodbye. I saw Elder Thompson and
said goodbye to him too!
Elder Acheson with his 2nd companion Elder Thompson

Then I went with the Zone Leaders Elder Huntsman and Kirkpatrick. We went to the church to do numbers, and then came to their apartment.

Monday: so far we went to the Gare to help missionaries get their luggage on the trains. Now we are in Mcdonalds in Bordeaux!

It's been a fast transfer! It's sad to say goodbye to Elder Fritz. He's going home and starting real life! I get to stay and continue the work here with Elder Douglas!

Everyone, I love you, the church is true, this is Christ’s work. I wish you all a good week, and encourage my brother to go on more dates! (Love you Chase!)

Love Elder Acheson!

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