Friday, August 7, 2015


A really busy week this week! So this week has been a little bit strange, just like the last week. We had the elders from Bayonne come spend the week with us. And so the week started out normal on Monday. We had our P-day, and we got a new fan for the bedroom.

Tuesday: we had our first real day of work! We were able to go out follow our regular missionary schedule. We planned a lot for all the people we could pass with the other missionaries here.

Wednesday: the elders from Bayonne came, and we all got the idea of what we were going to do. I went with Elder Pincock and we went and tried to find some old amis. We walked down this really long path, and came to a house. A young guy answered the door, and said his parents weren't home. So we talked to him and we asked him if he would be interested to hear a message. He said that he worked, but he would like to see you some other time so we set up another day that we can come over and we got his number. We then walked down the road even farther and try
to find another house to visit, but we could not find the number of the house. So by that time we had to go back into Centreville. We went to the Ukrainian family and we taught them some simple French. And then after that quick little lesson we went upstairs and taught our
friends the Longies. We started to talk a little bit about the Book of Mormon. We asked them how they felt about it and they started to tell us how they really liked it. We then started talking about their feelings of our church, and they told us that they feel great joy whenever they talk to us. They've been realizing that they have not felt this joy when they go to their other church. They even asked us how they could be forgiven of their sins. We then explained that our church was the church that was authorized to use the sacrament for the remission of sins. They asked us about baptism and I was not certain what I was going to say, but I decided to go bold and follow the spirit, and I said that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only church on this earth authorized to baptize people in the name of Jesus Christ. They were quiet after I said that, and then we asked him if they would like to come to our church on
Sunday. They told us that they would like some more time to investigate and figure out what they thought was true. We told them to read the Book of Mormon every night and pray about it until the next lesson with them.

After the lesson with them we returned home and we made some Kool-Aid. One of the elders brought a lot of Kool-Aid from his apartment and so we all drink Kool-Aid together and had a great time in the evening it was nice to have other missionaries there because we were usually

Thursday: we woke up early all four of us, and we went onto the train to head to Bordeaux for the day. We had zone training that day. So we met with all of the other missionaries in our zone and we were taught about things we could do to improve our lessons with all of the people
we talk to. We were told that we should start using the temples more often and start to make that the focus of what we talk about.

After the meeting we then got our mail packages. I got a really nice book called the Infinite Atonement. It focuses a lot on the atonement of Jesus Christ and it has helped me understand it better. I also got Elder Fritz's suit. Things happened and he wasn't able to take it home with
them on the plane and so I picked it up and I brought it home to our ville.

We were turned a little bit late, and so when we got back home we went inside her apartment and we studied and then get ready for the night.

Friday: on Friday morning we had to clean the church with one of the members in the branch.  We were going to do some gardening for him because it was raining so much we help them clean the church instead. We then went over to his house and we ate a lot of sausage and
potatoes. Then we talked a little bit about the temple to them. This member is a missionary for family history and so he knows a great deal about the temple already, but it was still good to try and practice what we would say to another person.

When we got done with the meal we were dropped off to a recent convert Mary Claude.  The four of us missionaries sat down and talk to her because she had a lot of questions to ask.  We spent a good two hours talking about all of her questions. She had a lot of things to say and
it was good that we were able to listen to her so that she can get things off her chest.

Once we finished our visit  with her, we then went home and then we had to sort out some information for the things that we were going to do the next day.

Saturday: we all did our studies, and then we went out and try to pass by some more people. Elder Douglas and I were together that day  and we went and visited the Longies again. We had a fantastic lesson with them. We taught them about the temple and we asked them how they felt when they saw the pictures of the temple. The father said that he wanted to cry when he saw the pictures. We ask them if they wanted to go to the temple to be married for all Eternity. They said that they wanted to get married in the temple, and we told them that baptism is the first step.

the lesson started they told us what happened when they read and prayed about the book of Mormon. They said that they had dreams for
two nights where they dreamed that they were with us and they were happy and feeling good. They then decided that they wanted to go to church the next day with us. We told them that we would find someone to give them a ride. So after the lesson we went downstairs and talked to the Ukrainian family and asked the father if he would be able to give them a ride because they live in the same building. He agreed and he said that he would love to! We would find someone to give them a ride. So after the lesson we went downstairs and talk to the Ukrainian family and asked the father if he would be able to give them a ride because they live in the same building. He agreed and he said that he would love to!

Elder Douglas and I were super happy that evening and we met up with the other elders and we all got pizza to celebrate. We then sat down and ate the pizza next to the river and watch the ducks float by. We began to throw pieces of our crust and bread for the ducks so that they would rush up to the food and eat it.

It was a wonderful night. We then returned home and we got ready for the night. Elder Pincock and I would sit on the bed and I would read The Infinite Atonement to him while he would write in his journal.

Sunday: on Sunday we taught the Longies who came to church. Since they don't speak French and only English we had to teach them in a separate room, and we taught them about the
organization of the church and how the meetings were done. After that hour we went and met with the other members and our other and amis. Jean Louis pulled me to the side and he showed me that you finished the book of Mormon. He then took out the other church book that the numbers were studying and showed me that he was on page 98 already! We then went into the classroom and he showed me a picture of someone being baptized. He pointed to the person being baptized and said that he wanted to be baptized soon! We then laughed and I told him that we will!

Elder Douglas and I taught class on how the church was organized. The two other elders sat in the back and translated into English for the Longies.

After the lesson we then had sacrament. Other Douglas and I sat in the back and translated into English, and then we explained some of the things that people were saying and helped him understand more about the doctrine of the church. The mother and the Ukrainian, family who
doesn't speak any French, went up and bore her testimony in French. She sent me her testimony in English and I translated it  into French, and I gave it back to her so that she could study. She did a great job!

In total five investigators came to church today! That is an incredible number for our sector! We have the Longies that came to church, and Jean Louis and Dominique you are progressing very fast! We have a lot of work to do!

After church we then walked home and then we all broke or fasts and ate dinner. After studies, we've been split up and did some more work. Elder Douglas and I went to go passed by a less active member which took about an hour to walk there in an hour back. We talked with this less
active family for about five minutes and wanted to see if we could schedule another meeting with them the next week. They were very nice and they said that they would love to, so we will pass by them later. We then came back and then we ate a little bit more and then we all got ready for bed.

Monday:  today the other elders left early in the morning, and Elder Douglas and I went shopping and cleaned the apartment. Then we went to the mall and then we came to the church and now we're doing emails!

Everyone I love you so much! I hope that you know that the church is true, and that there is real joy and happiness in this doctrine! I love the work that I do, I love being a missionary, I love my family, my friends, and my Lord. I want everyone to know if you are looking
for happiness, for peace, or for anything of joy, read the Scriptures and follow the words of the prophets because that is where you can find true happiness is!

Again, I love you all!

Love Elder Acheson!

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