Monday, August 17, 2015


Hello everyone! This was a great week! I can't believe that it's
over... We now have two weeks left in this transfer.

To start off, on Monday night, Elder Douglas and I called all the
companionships in our district to give the weekly news. We call it The
DANN on the Mont. (The Douglas Acheson News Network), it turned out
pretty good! We talked about all the funny and cool things that
happened throughout the week.

On Tuesday, the elders of Pau came to the Mont to do an exchange.
Elder Smith, and his blu (trainee) Elder Carlson. I went with Elder Carlson and we went and did service with Jean Louis. We brought Paul, the father

of the Ukranian Family to help us stack wood and do some gardening.
Since it was Elder Carlson’s 4th week on the mission and Paul only
spoke English, I was the main translator for the team. I said what my
companion and Paul said into French to Jean Louis and Dominique, and
then translated what they said into English. It was a great French
practice session! I am not great at French, but I was able to
communicate what both sides wanted to say :) It was a great occasion for Paul to interact with our Amis.

I finally got a picture of Jean Louis and Dominique for everyone to
see! Paul is the dark haired man on the right side of the photo.

After we got dropped off back at home, we did some studies, and then
we went and tried to go find some pass backs. The house didn't
exist... So we did some porting. No one answered the doors, but it was
a great time to talk with Elder Carlson. I still feel blu, but not?
It's weird...

We all met up and got some kebabs as a group of 4. After that we went home.

On Wednesday, we went and bought some bus tickets and then went
across town to get more information on buses that go around the area.

After that, we went and found a pass back, then we went to the park
and made some calls.

We then went and taught the Longies. We spent the whole lesson
answering questions that they have. We have to reteach the basic
doctrines over again each time, because of the language barrier.
Arabic to English is difficult for them sometimes, but it's a good
experience to learn how to teach basic gospel principles.

On Thursday we cleaned the sink in the apartment. French plumbing is
not good. We also use the sink a lot because we have to wash all our
dishes by hand. There are no dishwashers here in France. That's good
thought, because my wife will love it that I know how to wash dishes!

After cleaning up a bit, we got on a train to go to Bordeaux. We met
up with all the missionaries in the Toulouse Zone. I saw Elder
Steadman and Johnson, my father! All of us got in the tram and we went
to the Zone Leaders apartment. It was raining, and we had to wait for
a while at the team stop. Elder Douglas and I went to HFC and got a
good chicken wraps and lots of fries. We came back and all the elders
were jealous that they didn't go with us ;)

We ended up leaving all the elders, and we went to a different
apartment for the night. We met up with Elders Mauss and Hansen. We
stayed in their really small apartment. But it was alright :) It's just
cool to stay the night in Bordeaux.

On Friday, we took a bus and went to the Bordeaux Chapel to have Zone

We had a great conference on using the temple in our everyday
teachings. We have a new goal and it’s to use the words "Allez-vous?"
Which means "will you?” So we are to ask if people will do more
things, like read the scriptures, get baptized, and prepare for the

We then played a game outside where all the elders took off their
shoes and rolled up their pants. The sisters just had to take off
their shoes. But we were outside and we had to play Charades to guess
church related activities. We did this while standing in pools of
water. It was very fun! Our Zone won.

We then finished the conference. We all then went back to the gare.
Elder Douglas and I then returned to the Mont.

On Saturday we went to the church early to do some service. We pulled
out weeds and made the side of the church look pretty.

A few members were there, but it was a good time! After the service
Frere Moulis took Elder Douglas and I to McDonalds. There was a super
long line, so Frere Moulis suggested that we go to a Chinese Buffet.
So we went! It was really French style Chinese food...

Later we did our studies, and then went to the Longies to teach them
again.  Only the father was there.

On Sunday we taught Jean Louis and Dominique about repentance. It went
great! We went through the steps of repentance. The steps are faith in
Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism by immersion, receiving the gift of
the Holy Ghost, and persevering until the end.

It went great. Elder Douglas and I then passed the sacrament.

After church, we walked home, did studies, and planned for the week!

It was a super busy week overall! I hope that everyone is going great,
and I hope that you all have a wonderful week! I know this work to be
true, I am happy to spend my best two years doing is!

I love you all!

-Love Elder Race Acheson

Elder Acheson with Jean Louis, Dominique and Paul

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