Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Hello friends and family!

So just so you guys now, Nimes is great! Like I said last week, Nimes is a pretty big city! There happened to be a gladiator match yesterday. We didn't go... but the city was crowded with tourists who were coming to watch at the big Colosseum. There were a bunch of people running around with gladiator costumes as well!

So, as for the week…Monday we went to a really cool castle called Aigues-Morts. It is where the Crusades was started. There is a small city that is inside the castle walls. We took a tour around the whole castle, and walked all over the walls! It was a really cool place. We took a bus to get there, and after we got back to Nimes, we went to McDonald’s to do our emails.

The next day we went and visited a less active. She came to church and told us that she would like us to come over and see her. So we did and we gave the Restoration lesson to her again, and told her that her life would improve if she prayed, read the scriptures, follow the commandments, and come to church. She said that she would! We told her we would come over the next week.  

We then went to visit another member. She wasn't able to come to church last time, so we went over to her house to see her. She is an active member, and is a convert of about 7 years. We talked about her story, and then we shared a quick scripture about faith. 

The next day we took a bus and went to an outer ville to visit a potential ami and a less active member. The ami wasn't home, and the member told us that she wanted to stay less active and to not have us over. While we were walking an Algerian man came up to us and asked us what we believed. We talked about our religions and ended up giving the guy a Book of Mormon. He said that he studied a lot, and so we gave him our book so he could study more. 

The day after we helped Fr. Bell paint his house. He is moving out of the house that he has right now and is moving into another one for a few months. The man before painted the walls really weird colors. So he had us come help him paint the walls white. So we painted for a few hours. Then we ate Subway sandwiches. 

After paining, we got ready for the day, and we then saw a potential Ami. We came into her apartment and she had her mother and brother there. They were all Protestant, but they listened to our message and we gave them a Book of Mormon. They were asking the right questions, and we explained why there were lots of other churches. We plan to go over again this week. 

We had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader, and we went over the things that we did during the week. 

Another day we did some contacting, and Elder Williams and I talked to an Atheist lady. We talked about eternal families and then invited her to read the Book of Mormon. She didn't accept the book, but we did give her a proclamation of the family. (Hehe)

We had a lesson at the church! We taught a lady that Elder Quinn contacted. We taught her the restoration and she said that she would read the Book of Mormon. We then invited her to come to church. 

We then went to the Gare and went to Montpellier to do an exchange. Elder Quinn stayed there, and Elder Whiting our Zone Leader came to Nimes with us. 

The day after, we went over to Fr. Bells to help move things into a truck. We moved a really heavy piano, and then put lots of other stuff in the truck. Then we drove over to the new home, and unloaded it all. Sr. Bell brought pizza and we ate pizza. It was really good:)

We then ran home and grabbed Elder Whiting’s stuff. We then went to the Gare and took a train to Montpellier. We switched out our companions and we then waited for our train. 

We came home and then went straight to a member’s apartment. He needed help bringing down some mattresses from his apartment to throw away. His elevator will be broken for 8 weeks, so he needed us to do that really soon. So we stuffed mattresses into the elevator and rode it down the 9 flights. It reminded me of the moving equipe. 

We then went home and got ready to go to Stake Conference. We went to the church to watch the broadcast. The conference was in Toulouse, President Brown was there and spoke. He of course spoke of Missionary work. 

After the broadcast we went and ate some kebabs. 

On Sunday we went again to the church to listen to Stake Conference. After that we came home and ate lunch, then studied for a bit. We went and passed a member to give her some scripture books she wanted. We shared with her a small scripture about how faith is like a seed. 

After seeing the member we came home and did our weekly planning. I made some really good cookies, and we then got ready for the night.

Well, there is good idea of the interesting things we did I this week! Between all these things is lots of contacting, and trying to find people to teach. We go out each morning at 11:00 to contact for an hour. I don't mind it, because the city is super beautiful. I'll try to attach some pictures! I love you all! Have a great week! 

It's also really strange to think that I'm turning 20 this week.... Bleh.

I love you all! 

Love, Elder Acheson

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