Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello my family and friends,
Elder Williams, Elder Quinn and Elder Acheson
 So just to update all of you, I am now serving in Nimes, France.  Nimes is pronounced “neem”.
Anyway, I am now in a 3-some. I am serving with Elder Quinn and Williams. They are both from Utah! Nimes is a super cool city. It was built by the Romans, and there are temples, gardens, and statues all over the place. It's pretty big, and I feel pretty happy to be here! 
With Elder Beck

With The Toulouse Zone

So as for the week before I was transferred. We went to Toulouse on Monday to hang out with the zone. We went to a cathedral and played Frisbee in the garden to the side. We then walked around the city and looked at shops. I spent some time with Elder Beck. He is a really cool guy. We eventually went to the church, and Elder Beck and I played the piano. He has showed me some really cool tricks.

Saying goodbye to Elder Wall

President called us, and he said that he needed us to come up to Lyon because of an emergency transfer on Tuesday morning. So we had to go back to Montauban and pack. We went and said goodbye to St. Korpal. She was really sad to see us go. I will really miss her. 
Serving in the rain in Lyon

We then took the train up to Lyon the next day. We hung with the office elders. We did receipts and some random tasks. The new day we had district meeting with the Ecully District. We then went on exchange with the Ecully Zone leaders. We visited a member, and talked about some of their friends who they wanted to invite to church. We then took the bus back to their apartment. It started to rain a lot, and we had to walk to the apartment. A lady was at the stop and asked us to help her. She needed to get to another stop, so we carried her stuff in the rain, and turns out there were no more buses. So we brought her to the apartment lobby to get out of the rain. We were able to call a taxi. We taught her the restoration and gave her a card. She was super thankful and said that she would look at the card. 

The next day we went and worked in the office. President called me and told me I would go down to Nimes the next day. So I did. I was sent alone on the train. It felt weird but pretty nice to be alone.
Transfer to Nimes
The elders picked me up, and we came back and ate. Then we went and contacted! 

The next day we did weekly planning, and then we walked around some more to try and talk to people. We don't have any investigators at the moment.

We have a ward, but it's the same size as a branch. We do have a nice building, and it's under construction. 

After church we had dinner with an American guy and his wife from Spain. We ate some tacos. It was great to be with an American. We learned how to memorize the Ten Commandments and the gospel of Jesus Christ with our fingers. 

We then got dropped off by the American husband back home. 

I don't really know what to say about Nimes! It's pretty and I think I'll like it! I guess you will have to read the letters that follow! 

I love you all! Have a great week!

Love Elder Acheson! 

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