Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

Hey everyone! So I don't have too much time to write a long letter, but I'll include all the things that are interesting:) so we have been continuing to try and find more people to teach. There is a nationwide protest that's going on from May 31st to June 11th... So some mission conferences have been canceled and we won't have district meeting, and no exchanges. Weeee!:/ But President Brown has made the goal to have the mission find 1000 new Amis during the Strike.

So besides contacting a lot and passing people, we have an ancient ami that wants to be baptized! Her name is Anges and she is really cool! Her sister is a member in Montpellier and we have already taught her the first 3 lessons. She wants a review. We have set her baptism date for the 18th of June. So hopefully that gets the ward excited! 

Ricard came to church again yesterday, and we taught him more about the Book of Mormon. He read the first chapter and now we are going to try and study more out of it. Hopefully he can have a spiritual experience and get a testimony.  He also helped us out with moving a member. Two other members came and we went to an outer ville to move boxes into the truck. We didn't have the chance to share a missionary message, but it was great to have Ricard integrate with some of the members. We have talked with some of the members and we are going to try and have some evenings and hang out together and get Ricard in better relationships with the members. Hopefully that helps. 

We taught our ami Carlos again. We went over the plan of salvation. We gave him the Book of Mormon and he said that we will start reading it. The problem with him is that he is super busy. He said that he was going to Dubai for a business trip for a week or two. So we will see if he's back this week. Margo, the 18-year-old girl that we taught last Sunday, was in London all week, so we will see if she's open this week. 

One cool miracle was we were leaving a store and a guy stopped us and asked if he could talk. He took us to his apartment and we taught him the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. His name is Javier and he's from Mexico. He speaks English and French. So we switched between French and English to teach him. He isn't super practicing at the moment, but hopefully we can teach him again. We will call him this week. 

We had a great district meeting about 3 things we can improve in to be more successful. Faith, change, and hard work/accountability. It was great because we learned more about what we can do to become more dedicated. 

It's been a hard week due to the hot weather and increase amount of tourists. There are days where no one stops and talks. We did manage to get a few good conversations with people. We are trying to hand out more lesson pamphlets and Books of Mormon.

We have tried to visit more members, and we had a good meeting with a member named Frere Zogo. He's a musician and he showed us his music that he made. He sang church hymns in French with an African twist. 

For the past few weeks we have tried to play basketball on Saturdays and then try and teach people. We had the chance to play this last Saturday. Speaking of basketball, we were at the church waiting to teach Anges, and there were two guys on the church court and they were playing. We had some time, so we played them. We were still in our white shirts and pants, but we did pretty well against them! I figure that you're not a true missionary until you play basketball at least once in your tracking clothes. 

Those are some of the major highlights of the week. On the more spiritual side, the work here is starting to move. We didn't have the chance to teach all our Amis this week because they were out and about and not in Nimes, but hopefully this week it changes. We do have more people on our list of potentials. So we are excited for that! 

Well, that is kind of the load down of things going on worth mentioning. Have a great week guys! 

Love, Elder Race Acheson 

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