Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Hello everyone! Well week one of the new transfer is done! 

Elder Pesnell is gone:/ he's been exiled from the mission (ha ha). He's now in Bastia on Corsica. It's the island that's close to Italy and Sardinia. I wish him the best! 

I am serving now with Elder Wall. He's from Bountiful Utah and he is in his 5th transfer and is doing fine! He is also a chef! So we eat like kings. 

We had a good week. While waiting in Toulouse for Elder Wall, we went touring and saw some cool places. We went inside this old palace called the Capitol and went into some shops. 

When Elder Wall came into town, we all went to a Chinese buffet. It was good, but not American...:/ after lunch we left on our train.

We got back into Montaubaun Monday night and we did our emails. I got to show Elder Wall around a little and showed him some of the old French brick buildings. 

On Tuesday we went shopping and we went around and took some p-day time to look around. We then went and talked with our less active Sr. Korpal. We introduced Elder Wall to her and we got a relationship going. 

On Wednesday we did some finding. We walked down the long walking trail and got 14 conversations in about an hour and half! Elder Wall can do a magic trick, so we contacted a few people that way. 

We then read again with Sr. Korpal. We are trying hard to get her to church. So we want to see her as much as possible.  After reading we took a bus and met up with the branch president of Albi. He was in town to do some work. He took us bowling! So we had some fun there! I forgot how much I love bowling. 

Thursday was a fun day! We had our mission work meeting with our branch mission leader. We talked over the things we are doing. Fr. Caplin our branch mission leader actually served with Elder Wall's dad during his mission! So it's a cool reunion! 

After our meeting, we took a train to Toulouse. I had to go to Grenoble to get my Legality Card. So Elder Wall went to Albi, a different sector in the zone. Elder Loosle who's in Albi now, took a train with me to Grenoble.  

Elder Loosle and I had a good conversation with a lady on a train. She thought we were Amish, but we corrected her very easily. We showed her our iPads. 

We made it to Valance and joined up with Elder Steadman and his Blu (new missionary). We all took the train and then went to Grenoble together. We crashed at the apartment after. 

On Friday we went to the prefecture to get our cards. We had to wait in line outside and it was really cold. We managed to get our cards quickly enough to catch a bus back to valence. 

The bus was really full, so we all had to spread apart. I sat next to a guy and we talked the whole hour. We talked a little about what I did as a missionary. Then about business in France, and how it was good to know two languages. He man wasn't really interested to talk about religion, so I took the chance to practice speaking about more basic topics. 

Elder Loosle and I took a train to Montpelier, and waited for an hour in the warm sun. We talked for a bit over the train tracks and reflected on our progress in the mission. We are at about 9 months left. So we were talking about how much we have left to improve. 

We took a train to Toulouse and went back with our companions. Elder Wall and I then came back to Montaubaun and read with Sr. Korpal. 

On Saturday morning we played basketball and soccer. We had more members come this time! I'm starting to improve in both sports! We had a few random kids join us for soccer, and one was 8, and he could kick the ball so hard!

After some sports, we went back and studied. We had a baptism in the branch of a little girl, so we went to that. We had snacks after, and we all mingled together. 

After the baptism, we went home and did some weekly planning. We then  taught Frederic. We started teaching about the plan of salvation a little more in depth. 

Frederic is going great! He remembers everything we teach and what he reads. So it's pretty easy to teach him. 

On Sunday we had church like usual and we went and ate with Sr. Korpal and played Uno. We read some scriptures, and asked if we could help clean her apartment. So we will probably go over on Friday. 

After we left we walked and tried to contact. Since it was Sunday there was no one. So after some time we went home and did some studies. 

Then I got a hair cut from Elder Wall. 

So somethings I didn't add...

Everyday we have had really good food! Elder Wall loves to cook, so I let him take the helm. 

Happy Birthday to my brother Chase! The Big 22!

Well, I love you everyone! I hope you have a good week! 

-Love, Elder Race Acheson 

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