Monday, February 29, 2016


Hello family and friends! 

This week seemed to fly by like the others. It was a decent week in terms of mission work
So we spent the whole day walking around. We got 14 conversations throughout the day. We met some really interesting people. We gave out some cards, and tried to present our message to people. 

Throughout the week we were seeing Sr. Korpal frequently. We gave her the task to study the plan of salvation and told her we wanted her to help us teach Frederic. She came and did a great job! It was a great lesson.

At the beginning of the week, for companionship study we read a letter I received about mission work. II have been focusing on measuring up to the potential I have to be an even more dedicated missionary. So we decided to try and work harder. 

It's being going better this week. I still am far from the missionary I want to be; at times I get discouraged because all I see are the flaws I have.  I understand this is how many missionaries feel.  We just want to do our best and share this important message about Christ and His church with the people in France.

We went to 2 different villes this week. We went to Cahors on Wednesday and Caussade on Thursday. Cahors is a pretty old city with a very cool bridge fortress. We were able to climb stairs and walk over it. 

There were some old churches and had lots of old buildings.  Something cool is that Cahors is the birthplace of a famous person statesman named Leon Gambetta. There is street called Gambetta in every city in France. So that's pretty cool! 

While we were in an open plaza this Latino lady stopped us in English. Her name is Evelin and she is from El Salvador. She knows about the church but doesn't know anything specific. She said she would like to know more, and is pretty available each week! So we will try to teach her next week. (she is in Barcelona this week). 

We have been taking a different approach with Sr. Korpal lately. She told us she wants her kids to be engaged in the church, and so we are beginning to teach more profoundly. Instead of reading a chapter each time, we are discussing more topics and being more in depth.  

Yesterday we talked about going to the temple. We asked if they were preparing to go. Sr. Korpal said no because there are things stopping her, and she said she was willing to talk about them. 

This week we also started to clean her apartment. It is a very dirty apartment. I did some deep cleaning my mom would be proud of. I stayed mostly in the kitchen. We started the clean the floors and I cleaned the oven top. We cleaned for about 3 hours. There's more to do. 

We also had zone training in Toulouse. We are preparing as a mission to have Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Twelve Apostles come to our mission March 15th So we talked a bit about what we are doing to prepare. 

Well, there are some of the things that happened in the week! I'm starting to try harder to do good work, because my time is starting to wax small. I still got some time, but a lot less than I think. 

I love you all, I know the church is true, and I love you! 

Elder Race Acheson

P.S. We are going to Toulouse today to go shopping at a commercial center with more than 120 stores. Love you! Have fun! 

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