Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Hello everyone!

Well it looks like, the transfer has come to an end. Elder Pesnell is getting exiled to Corsica. Who knows how long he will be there?!  It is really cool for him to be assigned to Corsica.  Only 6 missionaries serve on this island.
I will be receiving Elder Wall. He is coming from Rodez, France which is a small ville just next to our sector. So not a big change for him.

So for the last week of the transfer we had nothing too exciting happen. We are still trying to find new amis to teach.  Please pray for us.  There was big excitement when a dryer was delivered! That means no more air drying out clothes! We spent some time looking at new apartments with our branch mission leader. We think we may have found one. It's in a really cool place in center ville. 

We had district meeting where we had an open discussion about lots of different topics. We talked about how to help our less actives, how to have a better connection with our Father in Heaven, how to communicate better with your companion, and other things. 

After district meeting we went out contacting. I went with Elder Brady Haug. He is half Mexican and German. So he speaks like 4 languages. We had a good talk while we walked in the rain in Toulouse. 

We got our calls and Elder Pesnell started packing. Then we taught Frederic about the restoration. Since he is now baptized we are re-teaching him the lessons but going more in depth. On Saturday we cooked crepes. We didn't have a pan, so we used a pie tin. We had to use paper towels to get a grip of it. It didn't turn out took bad. After eating with Frederic at the church we watched Legacy in French. 

We visited our less active Sr. Korpal. We played Uno with he her a few times. She's sad to say goodbye to Elder Pesnell. He's been here in Montaubaun for 6 months!

On Saturday morning we helped move a piano of a member. We then bought cheese at the cheese cart. 

On Sunday we took photos with all the members. We the played more uno with St. Korpal. Then we got picked up by Fr. Dieute and had dinner with his family. 

It's been kind of a bittersweet week. It's sad to say goodbye to Elder Pesnell. But it's happy for him to finally experiences in our places in the most beautiful mission in the world! 

Well everyone, sorry it's a short email. I love you all, and should have more info next week! Loves!

-Love, Elder Race Acheson

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