Monday, August 1, 2016


Hey everyone!

Elder Race Acheson with new companion Elder Eberhard

So, I got the call, and I’m now in Carcassonne with my new companion, Elder
Eberhard from Kaysville, Utah.  It’s a cool small city more towards Toulouse and closer to Spain and the Cote d’Azur. It is famous for the big castle that is on the edge of the town. Its super cool and I’ll try to get some pictures next week.

So as for my final week in Nimes, we had a great busy week. On Tuesdaywe did some contacting, and then we had a fun evening with somemembers. We went bowling and ate McDonald’s together. We were withGopali and Jeremie Daurgance. Jeremie gave the spiritual thought inMcDonald’s and we talked about the Book of Mormon.

On Wednesday we went and contacted some more, and then Sr. Bell called us and wanted us to help her bring her bags with all her stuff to the Gare. We took her bags, and we were with her sons. We took them up to the platform for the train. I’m proud to say that Elder Little and I were
the last missionaries to see the Bell Family before they went to Utah.

I really am going to miss them, but I will see them soon!
had surgery, so we went to his apartment and bought some food for
him. We were happy to help him because he was in a lot of pain.
After Fr. Zogo we took a bus and went to the bishop’s house for dinner.
We ate with Martine and Gopali. We had a lesson while we ate, and we
talked about prayer, reading the scriptures, obedience, and then
Gopali brought up a question about Patriarchal Blessing. We had a
good discussion about that.

Martine seems to be progressing more!

On Thursday we taught Agnes. She is moving more up in the north but
still in the mission. So we took some time to make sure that we got
her contact info so we could give it to the next elders up in Dijon.
Agnes is going to play soccer up there and seems like she will make it
to the big leagues. So hopefully I will see her on TV in a few years!

After seeing Agnes, we then went to spend the night with Gautier and
Stephanie. They had one of their friends over, so we ate and played a
board game together. We didn’t have the chance to teach their friend
because it was the first time he has seen missionaries, so it was more
of an introduction. He seems to like us, because he offered to drop us
off at home! So Elder Little will see what will come from that.

On Friday we got our transfer calls and did lots of service... We
helped a less active member move tons of stuff up to his apartment 4
stories. So we got really sweaty and did lots of lifting. After a few
hours of service we got changed really quickly so we could help a
member do some home teaching.

After home teaching we went to self-reliance class with the members.
We let the members know that I was going to leave. They were sad to
hear that I was leaving. I’m glad I had the chance to spend one last
evening with them.

During the class Fr. Chapu and he asked if we could help out again
later that evening for more service. So we went in our mission clothes
and lifted some more heavy stuff. I got super sweaty again...

On Saturday I packed a good amount and then we went back and did even
more service for the same man. he was moving his family into a new
apartment. We went to a storage unit that we cleared out and we took
everything over to his new apartment and lifted it all up to his new

After all the service we went back and I continued to pack.
Later that evening we went and spent one last night with Stephanie and
Gautier. We ate a small meal and played a card game together.

On Sunday I bore my testimony to the ward. We taught Martine and
Nicole, and we said goodbye to the members and took pictures.

So after church we went back to the apartment so I could finalize the packing.
So that’s pretty much the final week in Nimes.

I’m excited to be in Carcasonne and it could be my last city. So let’s
hope that things go great here!

Well I love you all and will tell you all about the work next week!

And Tootles!

Love, Elder Race Acheson

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