Monday, June 27, 2016


Hello everyone! 
Elder Acheson excited to be with his new companion, Elder Little!

So it's really becoming summer now. It's always hot and we are getting really sweaty and tan. So first week of the transfer is over. I've been showing everything Elder Little and seems like he's picking up. 

I had a pants emergency this week.  Bless my mom for ordering some new pants from  I was able to get the new pants in four days.

In my new pants!  Thanks Mom.

On Tuesday we taught our ami Carlos. He's the really busy tourist guide. We didn't have that much time to teach him, so we went over the restoration again. We only really talked about that for a few mins because he wanted to tell us about his work. 

Besides that we went with Fr. Chapeau and we gave the sacrament to another member who couldn't come to church last week and we gave her the sacrament. It was nice to escape the heat. After that we went to Darty, a electrical appliance store to get another fan, because it's getting really hot at night and we are having a hard time sleeping.

The next day we arranged the storage for the Chapeau's. We worked with their less active daughter who's about forty. We took stuff out and placed it around differently. After that we shared a spiritual thought about doing service for others. We are going to try and see if we can invite the less active daughter's daughter to some activities with the young adults. 

Later that day we contacted and I introduced Elder Little to Guy, Jack, and Frederic, our amis on the bench. Then we talked to the guys who play Pitonque. I played a round while Elder Little talked to everyone. After that we continued contacting. We did some calls and got 3 lessons planned.  

The day after we had all 3 lessons fall through. So it was a day filled with contacting. We managed to see Carlos for 5 mins near the Gare. He was going to Monaco for the weekend and so he had to leave soon. 

At the end of the day we went to the church to a meeting with the bishop and his counselors. Elder Little had the chance to introduce himself and we talked about the things that we are doing with mission work.  

On Friday we talked with a guy I met the other week named Christophe. We tried to talk about the Book of Mormon and the restoration and he kept going on about all his problems with religion and was trying to debate rather than discuss. 

We contacted for the rest of the day and then ended the day at the church with Agnes. We taught her with another member, Sr. Rouzaud, who was there early to prepare for Self-Reliance class. We went over the Plan of Salvation in more detail and it was nice to have the member there to explain in more depth. Agnes took it really well. 

On Saturday, while contacting, Elder Little started feeling some pain in his chest and so we took some breaks while contacting. We contacted some people, and for a few hours the pain didn't stop. So we called the nurse and she suggested that we go to the hospital. So we took a bus to the hospital and got it checked out. After some hours of waiting and some tests, the doctor suggested that it was most likely stress or maybe it was heat related. So we are going to try and take it easier for a bit. Emmanuel Prunin was kind enough to to take us home. We got home at 11 PM

Sunday was a great day at church. We had 60 people show up. There were lots of people who were on vacation from the north. Ricard came and his 14 year old son came after Sunday school. During Sunday school we taught Martine, the mom of a kind of recent convert. We taught the Plan of Salvation and then we gave Martine a baptismal date. We found that the 6th of August would be good for her. She said yes! So now we now we have two people who want to get baptized. This exciting news since this ward has not had a baptism for a year.

It was Fr. Bells last Sunday so there was a ward meal together. A lot of the members brought food and we all ate together and it was really great. 

After church we went home and did some weekly planning and studies. Since the ward lunch went on for a while we finished the day with weekly planning. 

So that's the summary for the week. The smaller things that I left out is that it's hard to sleep at night now because it's so hot, even with fans blowing on you all the time. I'm starting to tan now, and that's not too bad!  We are pretty excited because the work here with some people is progressing. We only really get to see our Amis during church, so that's hard, but we are trying to see if we can see them more this week.

Well I love you all, and hope that you have a good week!

-Love, Elder Acheson

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