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Hello everyone! 

Saying Goodbye to Elder Williams

So the transfer is over, and we got the call that there is going to be a change. Elder Williams after being here for 6 months is going to Valance with Elder Connell, and I am receiving Elder Little from my birth ville Perigieux! Elder Little is going into his 6th transfer I believe. I know him a little because I have seen him around the mission. I know he comes from England near the temple and is a redhead. So this is going to be a cool change! 
Saying Hello to Elder Little

As for the week, it goes as such. We taught our Engage Anges the gospel of Jesus Christ Monday night and re-fixed her date for baptism for the 20th of July.. It's been the first time we could see her for 2 weeks. 

The next day while contacting we came across one of the guys that we talk to often named Alan. He took us to a market and showed us around all the food. He was showing us all the things that we should try. He is super surprised that we don't drink wine. We try to explain why and a little about the Word of Wisdom, but he just is still surprised. He's a really funny guy. He was nice enough to buy us a little meat thing that was really good! He said that we could say that we had the region specialty. 

After going to the market with Alan we contacted and both Elder Williams and I contacted two people at the same time and we both talked to them for a good amount of time. I got a number from the guy I talked to and he said that we was interested a little about learning more about the church. His name is Christophe and he knows a little about Mormons but not too much. So we will try and see if we can talk with him.

Later that day Frere. Chapeau took us to visit a 98 year old member who is in a resting home. This member can't hear so we had to write everything down on a piece of paper. We served him the sacrament and I put a scripture in front of him to read when we left. He was a really nice man. This man was a distinct president back in the day, and was responsible for the Nice Chapel getting built. So this guy was a pretty important. I'm glad that we were able to help bring the spirit for a while. 

After that we went to the church and taught Anges. We went over the Apostasy and read scriptures together. We want her to know that there really was an apostasy and that the restored church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She does believe it and we are progressing with her. 

The next day we went to Montpelier for district meeting. We went over things we can do to teach with more power. It was a great meeting. We always talked on how to improve as missionaries and we shared ideas and it was good:)

After we got to Nimes, we went and visited with Gautier, Emanuel, and Melissa, the younger people in the ward and we all had some snacks. We shared a spiritual thought on searching for people to bring back into the church. We asked them to pray for people to bring back, and think of ways to help them. They said that they would:)

While contacting we came across Javier the Latino guy we taught a few weeks ago. We talked about sports and then we talked a little about the Book of Mormon. I invited him to read Alma 32 and start studying by himself at his home. He jogs often so we might go jog with him sometime! 

On Thursday, we talked with our friends on the bench. Jack, Frederic, and Guy. I mostly talked with Frederic about the Book of Mormon and things that we do as missionaries. He is really impressed at the things that we do. He said that he could never work all day and be rejected and try to find people. I gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to start reading, and to write down questions that he has.  

On Friday we got transfer calls and then we went to the market for a minute before we had a lesson at 11:00. Alan was there and so he showed us around a little more. He is like a personal tour guide.  The man that we taught didn't show up, so we went back home. We cleaned the apartment for a minuet. We then went to visit a member named Fr. Santerre. He is a really nice guy who is super active in sports and outdoor stuff. We talked about some of the ways he is doing missionary work. He has already talked to a lot of people about the church. We encouraged him to continue and not to give up. That's what the spirit of missionary work should be here. To continue and not give up on searching for people. 

After Fr. Santerre we speed walked to the church so we could teach Ricard. We taught him about Joseph smith and read 2 Nephi 3 where Joseph in Egypt prophecies about Joseph Smith. We are trying to help Ricard have a stronger testimony on Joseph Smith, because we will soon start going into the Word of Wisdom. Ricard asked us if we could help him on Saturday with a move. I believe it's is ex-wife/ girlfriend? But she's moving to valance, the same place where Elder Williams is going next.

Saturday: We went with fr. Bell and helped move Ricards ex-wife. We carried things downstairs and put it into a moving truck. It was great to spend some time with Ricard.  Ricards ex-wife is an English teacher, so we got to practice our English with her. We taught her some vocab on items in the home that we were moving, and we told her a little about what we do as missionaries. At the end of the move, we ate pizza and the ex-wife said that it would be cool if Elder Williams and his next companion in Valence would want to come tell her students about their mission and trip in France! So hopefully that turns into a teaching situation. 

After the move, we went home and I made pizza dough for a pizza party later that night with the younger members of the ward. While letting it rise, we went over to go see some of our friends that we talk to a lot. Elder Williams wanted to play one of our friends in chess. So while they played, I played Pitonque with some of the other people. I did pretty well again, and my team won. Mostly because the lady I was playing with could hit any ball she wanted to. I pulled my weight though, so I'm happy. After we finished we took pictures together. We have been taking lots of pictures of the people we talk with, because they have become our friends. We haven't been able to talk too much about the gospel because most of them are not believe, don't practice and are not interested. So we are being their friends so that in the future, when they see other missionaries, they will already know the character and have a better idea of who they really are. 

Later that night we took the pizza dough and a sauce I made and we went over to a members home. We had Gautier and his fianc√© Stephanie, Emanuel Prunin, Melissa, and another young women named Gopalie. I brought my guitar and Gautier brought his and we played for a minute together. I had to then help make pizzas, and I'm proud to say that they turned out! Everyone seemed to like it:) We did the spiritual thought and we followed up on the list of people that we want to work with to bring people back in activity. They gave us some names of people that they will try to work with, and we all prayed to find ways to help them. 

On Sunday we got to the church, and one of the members that we prayed showed up for church! So we all all pretty excited. It was Elder Williams last Sunday so he have his testimony, and we took pictures with everyone after church. 

Gopalie, the young women who came to the pizza night the night before brought her mom. Gopalie was baptized 2 years ago, and her mom isn't a member. So we taught with Emanuel Prunin the restoration. We went over Joseph smith, and watched the 20 minute video that shows the story of Joseph smith. The mom, Martinee, is really quiet and shy. She knows a little about the church, and we told her to ask her daughter if she had any questions. She said that she will try to read the Book of Mormon some more and come the next week. Next week we will try to give her a baptismal date:)

After church we went home and ate lunch, and then began weekly planning. Elder Williams packed while I wrote down the things that Elder Little and I will do next week. 

After weekly planning, we went and passed Margaret, the Scottish lady who owns the old missionary apartment. Elder Williams and I took a picture with her.  We talked for a little with her, and then we had to go to the Bells. 

We had dinner with the bells, Gautier, and Stephanie. We had S'mores after and we took pictures. Fr. Bell and his family are moving to Utah next month and its going to be sad because I love the Bell family. I don't know if it's the fact that he's American and his wife is super nice, or if they are just super cool, but they are one of my favorite families. 

After saying goodbye we went home and Elder Williams finished packing. 

So yeah that's the end of the week! Now I'm in montpeillier right now waiting for my new comp! By the time I send this I will probably be with him... 

We now we are at McDonald's doing emails! 

I love you all, and hope you have a good week!

Love, Elder Race Acheson

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