Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hello friends and family!

This is the start of a new transfer, and I have moved from Mont-De-Marsan. I am happy to have a fresh start, but sad to say goodbye to my friends.

I am looking forward to this next transfer, because I am serving with my best friend in the mission,  Elder Steadman! We were in the MTC together, and we played four square all he time, and just had a ball...literally!

Not only will we be together, but we are somewhat office elders! We are the Apartment Closing Team. Also known as the "Dream Team"... The plan is to drive all around the mission doing random tasks and moving things. There are less apartments to close this transfer, so we hopefully will get to do some proselyting.

I think we might go to Geneva this week? If so, I'm super excited!

We are in the Confluence Sector which is a portion of Lyon. This is my first big city! I'm excited to serve in the capitol city of the Mission!

Now, to the even bigger news! We had a baptism! This is my first baptism where I did the ordinance. Elder Douglas was also in the water to help out with supporting Jean Louis in and out the water. I think it was cool to have both missionaries help with the baptism. Jean Louis was great! He's such a joker too! Even to the minute he stepped into the water. He said " I hope it's ok that my pants get wet!" I think he was less nervous then me!

Everything was great! Standing in the water and saying the baptismal prayer, and having Jean Louis come out as a new man was a memory I won't forget.

Now to backtrack on the week.

The first couple days were spent cleaning and doing small tasks needed to be done. I am starting to regain my strength from being sick for nearly a month. It feels great to be active again and do what missionaries do.

On Thursday the Pau elders came so Elder Smith, the district leader,  could  interview Jean Louis before the baptism. We also stacked wood and did some yard work. Then we ate the our classic French lunch! The appetizer, main course, bread throughout the meal, and finished with cheese.

Always great to eat there!

The interview was great and Jean Louis then he dropped us off so the elders could take a train home.

The next day on Friday, Elder Douglas and I took a train to go to Pau for a small exchange. We were on the train when we got our transfer calls. When I got my call I was stunned. That was my dream call! It was funny because Elder Steadman and I were joking last week that I would come to Lyon and be with him. Then we said that it wouldn't happen. Ha. Ha. Ha.... It did!:)

Well we got to Pau, and we did our little exchange. I was with Elder Carlson,and we taught a recent convert and his girlfriend. We talked about conference. She said that she believed that that this church was the true church! So that's pretty awesome!

Later that night we played basketball with the youth.

A happy and healthy looking Elder Acheson with his new companion, Elder Steadman on the the left

The next day was the baptized!

Well I'm now in Lyon! I love you all!

Love Elder Acheson!

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