Monday, May 18, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,

Ok! This week was really fast! Lots of places and things done!

Monday: After P-day, we went to a members home to teach a less active daughter. They had a SodaStream, so we had some really good soda!

Tuesday: Since I had a broken elbow, I had to go to Marseille to get a check up with a doctor. I went with Elder Spencer who lives in that sector. We rode the Metro, and the bus. The Hospital that we went to was super big. It felt like going to the Palace that the Count of Monte Cristo might live in. That Seemed appropriate because part of that book is set in  Marseille.

We couldn't get the x-ray that day because it was ANOTHER holiday... There is one each week in the month of May. 

We then left to go back and meet with the other elders. 

Elder Arts and I then took the bus and went back to Vitrolles. Then we left to go to Avignon.

I did that exchange with Elder Kimbert who is a native French speaker. That night we took a bus to a city called Orange. We walked past this cool river that runs under the buildings, and then past a real cool arch.

We took some pictures in it. Then we went to a members home to have dinner. We went there to teach the less active son. He is super cool! He plans to come to our baptism in Vitrolles this weekend. 

After the dinner, we got a ride to the train, and then we rode back to Avignon. When we got off the train we had to sprint to make the bus. We barley got it! 

We rode home and then settled for the night. There are 4 Elders in the apartment, so we cooked a lot of food, and had a good time.

Wednesday: Elder Kimbert and I went around the city trying to talk to people. We saw some of the cool buildings in the city. Avignon was at one time the Capitol of the Catholic Church. So there's this HUGE Castle with gardens around it. We went around the gardens and saw some of the cool things.

Then we saw the famous bridge that goes no where. It's weird to see it just stop over the river. 

It was very hot that day, and I was wearing a backpack, so my back got super sweaty. I eventually got a stain from it. We then went and met up with my companion and the other Elder who were in Vitrolles.

Elder Arts and I then returned to Vitrolles. 

Thursday: We worked on our Family Booklets, so we went to the church to print some pictures. Then we went to the apartment to do some studies. We planned later that day to go back to Martigues. There were no buses running to take us to the Termianl, because it was another holiday! So we sprinted to the Terminal. We got super sweaty and out of breath. 

Once we got to Martigues, we had to walk on the freeway, and ran more to get to a members home. Their daughter is getting baptized this Saturday. The rule in their family is that they have to be 18 to get Baptised. So we went there to give her some of the questions for Baptism. 

We then got a ride back to the bus from the father. 

Friday: We went in the morning to see Wallace our Ami. While on the bus, all these kids came on to go on a Field Trip. They screamed at every turn and bump. It actually was very cute! 

Later that day, I went back on the train to go to Avignon. I was with Elder Mattinson this time. We made it to Avignon and then taught English Class with the other Elders of Avignon. A member came in to get a blessing, so I helped with that. After class, we got a ride home to the apartment. 

Once we ate, we got ready to go to bed. I had to sleep on the ground on a mattress and it didn't turn out too bad!

Saturday: It was very windy, and Elder Mattinson and I went to a hospital to see an Ami who's getting Baptised this Saturday. He is American and spoke English. He was pretty cool! It was hard to talk because it was so windy! 

We had to leave and started to walk on the road to catch a bus. We waited in the wind and came back home. 

We came back to the apartment and ate lunch. Then we left again and went into Avignon. We started to find some less active members. No one answered the doors, so we walked past the big Castle to search for another family. Still no answer, so we went contacting. 

The whole city of Avignon is inside a big castle wall. We walked along the wall, and at one part, there is this hole that has a little bridge that covers the river. It felt like going back in time! I just love to experience history up close!

There were no people to contact because the wind was so strong. So we tried to talk to who we could. After some time of doing that, we went to the Gare and waited for the Elders to come.

Elder Arts and Bleak came back from Vitrolles. Elder Arts and I then took a train to the TGV Station of Avignon. While we waited, we watched TGV trains racing past us going probably 200 MPH. Our TGV Train arrived, and we went on it to Marseille. Once we got to Marseille, we then took a bus to Virolles.

Sunday: We had Church, and planned to go to Salon after church. So we brought our working clothes in a bag along with food. We ate that fast, and then walked to the bus terminal after church ended. 

We made it to Salon, and saw that no one was in the streets. We called our member friend Marc and we taught him in the park. It weather was really pretty that afternoon! 

We then walked around and contacted people. We got some good conversations and got a number from a guy! 

After some more contacting, we then took the bus and went home to Vitrolles. Before we walked home, we went and saw a less active member at her apartment. We stood in the door way and talked. She speaks some English because she was married to a British person. She also lived in Provo, and Lehi. I found out that she lived in my home stake 20 years ago! We then told her that we would give her American cookies. She gave us a box of recipes. We left and walked home.

That night, I wrote down the recipes that I want to use later. 

That pretty sums up this week! Lot's of travel and visiting places! This week I have another doctors appointment in Marseille and then a train from there to Avignon! 

I hope you all have a great week! Keep praying for the missionaries! We need as many prayers as possible! 

I love you all!
-Love Elder Acheson II

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