Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hello friends and Family!

Elder Acheson wearing his MT (Master Taco) t-shirt

This has been a great week. I'll go straight to the good stuff first. We had a conference in Lyon with Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles! We had the chance to shake his hand, and tell him our names and where we were from. 

During the conference he let us ask some questions. I had a question and I had the chance to ask my question and get an answer! I asked how can we get a conversation or actually have a chance to teach someone who is atheist, or very set in their religion.  (There are a huge mix of these two categories in France). He said that the Book of Mormon was the key. It's the proof that the church was restored and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. So everyone, I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon. 

So now for the details of the week. We had our P-Day in Montuaban and we took a train to Toulouse. While on the train a lady next to me asked me about Jesus Christ on my plaque. I said that I was a missionary, and it was strange, but the next thing we talked about was her abusive boyfriend and why she was leaving. I talked to her a for a bit, and got her number so the missionaries in Alib (Where she lives) could go see her and talk to her. 

We then met up with all the other missionaries, and we took a tram to the Airport. We went through security and I brought my American hair product. It was over 100 ML, so I had to throw it away. My mom did happen to send more in my Easter Package! (Great timing mom, I love you!)
We then did the weirdest thing ever! We took a plane to Lyon. Yeah... Weird right? I thought the next plane I was going to take after I arrived in France was my plane home. So I had some weird feelings. It only lasted for 50 mins though, so not too bad. We got into Lyon and we went straight to Master Tacos, the favorite place to eat for missionaries in Lyon. I got a T-shirt from Master Tacos. (Everyone in the mission wants a shirt).

We had our conference the next day and we asked questions and Elder Christofferson talked to all of us. It was so cool! I had chills many times while he spoke. He really is an apostle of the Lord. 

We left after the conference back to Toulouse. Took another plane back, and we all got Kebabs! We then stayed the night at the Zone Leaders. 

The next day was our first full day back in Montauban. We did our shopping that we couldn't do on Monday. We also cleaned the entire apartment. I have had a runny nose forever, so we decided to try and get rid of all the dust here. We then went and saw Sr. Korpal. She had a hard time not smoking while we were gone, so we cheered her up and made her feel better about herself. 
Elder Acheson and his MTC district 
The next day we went shopping for food with Sr. Korpal. We made sure that she still got good food. I must be like my dad, because I love to shop! I love just looking at all the aisles and seeing what there is to buy. I never get much, but it's fun to see everything. We saw our engagĂ© Jean Phillip. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and we started to talk about the Restoration. We also then saw Frederic. He showed us his cool collection of electric parts. We then talked about the commandments and it was easy as usual. He always has the answers and he is simple to teach. 

On Friday we did our weekly planning. It was cool because we had a few people to plan about. So that was more interesting than other weeks. It's really nice to have people to plan for. 

We went to the Church to have a lesson with Jean Phillip. He didn't show up. So we are a little curious to see if he's really serious. 

We then went to Frederic’s house to have a French Lesson. Right before the lesson ended, Frederic’s sister came. She is set on her religion, but it was a great chance for her to ask some questions about ours. This might have been her first time meeting the missionaries. So it was great to have her know a little more about her brother’s church! We showed some pictures of temples and talked about the restoration just a little. Just a casual conversation. 

We made rolls that evening, and they turned out! They tasted like my grandmas rolls! So I was pretty happy! The key is just to add lots of butter and sugar. 

On Saturday we didn't have sport. We did play some basketball with Sr. Korpels sons who are 13 and 14. We did that for a while, and then came back. We went to the church after to meet with Jean Phillip. He also didn't come. He said he couldn't come. 

We decided that we were going to clean Sr. Korpels apartment for a while. She's sick and so we wanted to help her feel better. She is progressing with stopping smoking. Her body is too frail to stop in one burst. So we are doing a plan where she smokes a cigarette less each day. So we will see how this plan works. 

We made some calls after that, and got a few lessons fixed! 

Then for Sunday we had it nice and easy. We had church, and that's always great. We then came home and ate. Then went to talk with Sr. Korpal for a bit. Then we went and walked the Line. We had some conversations. We talked to a few people about the church and handed out some cards. We came home, and then had some Raclette for dinner. (Melted cheese on potatoes with meat). Keeping it classy. That's our goal here in Montuaban. Well my friends, that's our week! We managed to get some solid work done! 

I love you all! Hope you have a great week, and a great Easter! Next week is the last week, so we will know if we stay together or not on FRIDAY Like always. I love you all! 

Love, Elder Race Acheson    

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