Thursday, December 3, 2015


Hello friends and Family! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Week! Speaking of thanksgiving, I am super greatful to be here in France. We had our Ami Gabiel get Baptized on Saturday. I had the opportunity to do the ordinance. I am thankful for his progression, and his dedication to the gospel. 

I hope you all are thankful for the gospel as well!

As for the week! 

Monday: I got my new companion Elder Keller. He is related to me through my Bob and Beth Keller Thompson side of the family. Small world! So, I said goodbye to Elder Steadman at the Gare and then I went with another Elder to the mall and we walked around and went shopping. After some time, I met up with Elder Keller at the Gare.  He is a really cool missionary from Salt Lake City, Utah. That pretty much was the day.

Tuesday: We did shopping for the week. We bought food, and then we went to the office and saw all the Bleus! They looked so cute and tired! I remember when I was new into France. I’ve been out almost a year on my mission by the way! It blows my mind to see how much time I have been out here. 

After the office, we went to the garage and looked at all the things we had. We then took a surprise trip to St. Etienne. We had to go shop for a few things the sisters there needed. 

Wednesday: We went in the morning to get a dryer from some sisters here in Lyon. We took that to the garage, and then threw away a lot of the wood we had at the dump. We then went to the Ecully Chapel to meet President Brown with Gabriel. President interviewed Gabriel for his baptism. He passed! So we planned his baptism for Saturday. 

Thursday: Our power went out in the morning, so that was great... We then drove around to different tire stores to get snow tires on our car. One store was available on Monday, so we booked it. 

After all of that, we went to president’s house and had Thanksgiving dinner with all the Lyon missionaries! We had american style thanksgiving. It was great to eat american food again! I had a blast.  Sister Brown and the other senior missionaries knocked themselves out preparing this feast for us.

Right after the dinner, Elder Keller and I drove up to Geneva. 

Friday: We went to the old mission home and took all the things that needed to be thrown away, and we took it to the dump. We then took the fridge, and took that with us back to Lyon. Before we left, we got a Kebab, and then went and got gas in the car. 

We got back to Lyon, placed the Fridge in the Garage, and then went to the Sweeney’s Home to have dinner with Gabriel. We then talked about Baptism and feeling the Holy Ghost. It was great because we talked about how we feel the spirit. After the lesson, Gabriel said he felt the spirit! So that was a success. 

Saturday: We went to office elders to sleep because we had no power. We ate there and did some laundry. After that, we went to the Chapel and got ready for the Baptism. 
There was a little girl getting baptized too, so there were a lot of people to see Gabriel baptized! 

It was smooth. I did the prayer in English, and then everything after was easy. 

After the baptism, we left and went back to the office elders apartment. 

Sunday: We went to church, and Gabriel was confirmed a member of the church. We had Elder Sweeney do the confirmation in English. 

After church we went to our apartment, and cleaned up the water that leaked out of our fridge. Since we have no power, the freezer melted and water got all over the floor. 

Once we cleaned it up, we went to the other Elders in our district for a bit. They are the Elders that live in the apartment with the garage. They share the apartment with another companionship. Elder Tomlinson, who was my comp. in the MTC is in that apartment! So we talked for a bit.

Then went back to the office apartment.

So, for this next week, we will be on the road until Saturday driving a full mission loop. We will start in Swiss and head to Mont de Marsan! And everywhere in between! 

I love you all, and I hope you all have a wonderful start to the Christmas season! 

-Love Elder Acheson

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