Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hello family and friends! Welcome to another week here in The Lyon Mission! 

On Wednesday we had a great zone conference with President Brown. We talked about the first vision of Joseph smith. Then about companionship unity. To demonstrate how two things that are different can create something strong, president brought out his Longbow. We all then went outside and watched president shoot a bottle in midair with the bow.

After the conference, we all had Master Tacos for lunch. There was about 100 2 liter bottles of soda, so... no one was thirsty after that.

Later that night we had a dinner appointment with Elder Sweeney. He's a senior missionary in the office.  We were supposed to eat also with Gabriel, but somehow we couldn't get a hold of him. So it ended up just being us 3!  We had a great time with Elder Sweeney.

Thursday we went up to Switzerland at around 9 in the morning. While driving up there, we stopped at this small ville with a beautiful lake. We ended up took some nice pictures there. I almost got attacked by some swans as well. 

We then arrived at the former mission home in Switzerland and we cleaned out one of the fridges in the garage. It stunk really bad, so I threw some bleach water on it. 

Friday we drove up to Neuch√Ętel to go drop off some things for the elders there. Then we drove back to Geneva and started clearing out more things in the apartments we have been working on. We pretty much are finished. We just had to break down some wood furniture and throw it away:) 

Saturday we finished up our little tasks of cleaning, and went to store called Migros.. Then we got about 100€ of Swiss chocolate. A senior couple in the office gave us some money to buy chocolate for their kids as a Christmas present. So we got LOTS! 

We then drove back to Lyon. We then went to a baptism at the Ecully Chapel. That's the other church in Lyon. The Chinese companionship in our Ward had a baptism! So we saw that go down. 

Sunday: we had some Americans come to church. They were the family of the wife of the stake president. It was cool to introduce Gabriel, our ami, to them. It was also the Primary program! It was cute to watch kids speak French in their cute little voices. 

Now an update for Gabriel. We had little contact with him this week. He did come to church, and he's still good for baptism! So pray that we can teach him this week! 

I love you all! 

-Love Elder Race Acheson

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