Thursday, September 17, 2015


Elders Acheson and Douglas taken by a former Senior Missionary to Mont de Marsan, Frank Johnston

Hello my friends and family members! I hope you are all doing great!
First I would like to wish a happy birthday to my wonderful dad David
Acheson! His birthday was on the 8th, then again to my fantastic mom
Barbara who's birthday is on the 17th! I love you both!

This week was another good week! On Tuesday we went to Jean Louis's
house to stack some wood! He has a huge amount of wood now to burn
this winter. I love doing service with Jean Louis because he makes it a
point to be tranquil. Things are always tranquil with Jean Louis.
After the wood, we ate at their house as always. For our lesson, we
focused on Dominique and asked her what we can do to help her
progress. She said not much! Just keep working with us!

She is moving at her own pace, and that is how it should be.

Wednesday we did more wood stacking, but for our member Frere Bernier.
He went into the field next to his house and picked up sticks and logs
to burn. It was not too fun because there was stinging nettle
all around.

We ate lunch and talked about what we can do as missionaries to help
improve the branch. We got some good insights and support of the

After lunch, we had to look for the key to their car because it was
lost. We all couldn't find it, so we had to call another member to
pick us up to return us to our apartment.

Mont-De-Marsan might be small, but we do have great members!

On Thursday it was zone training. So we took an early train and went
to Bordeaux. We met up with the missionaries from the other zone and
we all went to the church.

This training was about taking the distractions out of missionary work. To
help get us into the mood, the zone leaders wanted to play a game, and
asked for a volunteer. I asked what the game was, and since I spoke
first, I was the volunteer...

Elder Douglas and I went out of the room. I got blindfolded, and had
to follow the voice of Elder Douglas. While we were out of the room,
all the missionaries moved the tables and chairs and made a path for
me to follow. Everyone was shouting and trying to get me to take wrong
turns. We even had an elder playing "Pirates of the Caribbean" on the

We got through pretty fast! So that was pretty awesome!

After the training, we all went back to our sectors.

On Friday we did weekly planning and met Frere Moulis at the church.
We talked about members that were less active. Then we searched the
addresses online. We then went to the Kruckoskivy family's apartment.
We talked with them about lots of different things! They really love
to talk! And then we taught them some French. I love going over to
their house! They are one of my favorite families!

On Saturday, we went with Paul, the father of the Ukranian family, to
clean the church with the branch. It was raining a lot, and we could
only do work on the inside.

Elder Douglas and I cleaned the windows and the floors. We then tried
to install a microphone on the sacrament table, but the microphone was
broken. So we didn't finish.

After we got home, I started to feel a little achy, so we took it
slow. It's been pretty wet this week, and it may have caused the
sickness? Who knows!

On Sunday we had everything usual happen. I said the closing prayer in
sacrament meeting.  Next week, I'll be giving a talk again! Everyone's invited!

After church we had a meal together as a branch. Lots of French food! Yummy!

When we got home, I was still feeling buggy, so we still took it easy.
We want to be able to work this week!

Beside the little bug I have, this week was great!

(UPDATE FROM BARBARA ACHESON: September 15th we heard from Elder Acheson's mission president 
that he had been hospitalized for pneumonia.  Luckily, his good companion insisted that he get medical
attention.  A member of the branch took both missionaries to the local hospital where he was diagnosed
with pneumonia and we put on an IVs and got the medicine he needed to get better. President Brown gave 
us updates while our son was in the hospital.  We are so grateful for the good news that he is now home
resting and for a kind companion and a kind mission president. This is the best birthday present I could 
ask for!)

Again, happy birthday to my wonderful parents!

Happy unbirthday to everyone else! And I love you all!

-Love Elder Acheson!

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