Monday, June 22, 2015


 Monday June 22, 2015
Saying Goodbye to President and Sister Roney
This week has been a really good week! It was long but quick at the
same time! Before I get to my week, my parents went to the new Mission
President, President Brown, at his farewell talk at his ward.
My New Mission President, Scott Brown with my parents

My mom told me that she met two young men who will be entering the MTC on July 22. They both read my blog!  So here's a special shout out to those Elders! Can't wait to meet you!

with the Roney boys

So! Last Monday, after we wrote letters at the church we went to the train station and we caught a train to Bordeaux to go to our last mission conference with President Roney.

We had to go a day early because it's hard to get trains that would get us there on time in the same day. So we stayed the night in Bordeaux. I got to stay the night with a missionary I came in with, Elder Engel! One of my best friends in the mission. He is companions with Elder Steadman.

Tuesday: we walked to the church and were greeted by President Roney and all the other missionaries. It was a multi zone conference, so I got to see all my friends! 
An amazing painting by my friend J. Kirk Richards

It was a great conference. President Roney gave us his contact info so we can all stay in touch after. He also gave us a great painting of Christ washing the feet of the Apostles. The artist who painted it was from my home ward! It's amazing how his work is now in France! We were given this painting to remind us to always be servants to others and always focus on serving others.

After the conference we took a train home and crashed for the night.

WednesdayOn Wednesday, Elder Fritz and I tried to speak French to each other as much we could. It was really hard. We walked to the church to help a member do something on the computer and then we came back home to eat. We then went out and tried to pass people. We contacted some people, but no one interested. 

Later that day, we taught our ami who is getting baptized soon, Marie Claude, with the Branch President Frere Moulis. It was a great lesson. We talked about some of the small questions she had. Marie Claude is a super sweet lady. She loves to feed us. There is a shop that makes really good cake with cream inside and she bought two slices for us. If you have the chance to come here to Mont de Marsan, you need to get this cake! 

After the lesson, we were dropped off home. 

Thursday: this day was great! We spent the whole day with Frere Moulis! We did our studies, then took a bus to a ville some ways out. We were picked up by Frere Moulis, and then we visited with a less active member named Francois. We checked up on him, and taught him about the importance of scripture study. 

We then drove to another small ville to give the sacrament to a lady who is sick. She is partially paralyzed, so she can't come to church. It was a great experience to help give her the sacrament to renew her baptismal covenants. She was very thankful that we came. 

We then went to another less active member who is trying hard to become more active. Since she wasn't home, we had to wait outside her house. But once she came, we taught her about the temple and genealogy. She already knows these things, but just needs a reminder. She then fed us. That's always a great thing! 

We then came home. It was a long day, but lots done!

FridayFriday rained a bit, so we had to cancel some rendezvous in the park. We went out and tried to pass some people. We also helped the Mailau family rip some paper off the walls. It was a quick hour because we had to go teach another person. 

We were dropped off by Frere Mailau and then we were picked up by another member to go teach an Ami. We  had to make the lesson quick, so we read out of the Book of Mormon a bit, and then we invited her to read it. The lady we taught had to go pick up her kids, so the member we were with offered to drive us all. Once we got to the school were the kids were at, we said goodbye and went to go find another pass back. The member stayed and drove our ami back to her house with her kids. He is a great member! 

We couldn't get anyone to the door at our pass backs. We then went to go teach our English speaking Amis. They are here to escape a war in their home country. They are very kind and have gone through very hard things. They are happy to see us because we teach the Plan of Salvation. The wife started to break down in tears. It was moving to see the sacrifices that people make for God. These people were living well in their home country, but now having nothing. I hope I can be as dedicated as they are! 

After the great lesson with them, we returned home and planned for the next week.

Saturday: We went to the church to print off an article, and then we went to go find a potential ami. They weren't home. Elder Fritz and I spoke in French so I could practice Pass√© Compose. It's what you use to tell stories. 

We then taught Marie Claude in the nice park we always go to. 

After that, we went by more people, and walked a lot to find other people. It all blurred by so fast.

Sunday: we had the friend of a member come again, and he was dressed up for church this time, and he brought his wife! He is golden! We only taught him the Restoration last week in church! He has read this Book of Mormon this week, and is already to 2 Nephi 15! That's really far for one week! 

We taught the restoration in more detail and showed a video. That was great! We then had sacrament, and then we went home to change. We ate lunch, and passed by a few people. We then came home and studied. 

Monday: Today we helped Marie Claude move some things to a hotel because her apartment is under construction. We then helped the Mailaus move all their things into a truck. We were with a lot of Polynesians. They are all buff rugby players. It was really cool to be with them all! Frere Mailau is going to play for the National Team of Tonga for the World Rugby Competition. It's really cool to know him! 

That's all so far here in Mont de Marsan! I hope you all have a great week! 

My brother Chase comes home real soon! Love you Frere! 

Love Elder Race Acheson!

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