Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Last Email Until France

Hello Family and Friends!

We have sort of a P-Day tonight on Saturday. We are doing laundry, and packing. The time here has been crazy! Emotions have been high, and we are all excited to go! 

To catch everyone up, the Devotional was with a Member of the 70. He was the Mission President of the Geneva Switzerland Mission a few years ago. He also asked if there were any missionaries going to Lyon, France. Us 12 missionaries raised our hands, and he said "Great! That mission is the mission of miracles!". That added to our excitement to serve the Lord! 

All the classes this week have been related to contacting, and getting ready for the field. We have a day long course called In-Field Orientation. There we learned how to connect easier with people. One of the teachers of the course was a missionary from the missionary training tv series called The District. We had the now Brother Christensen teach us. It's crazy how you watch this same man teach actual people! He  gave us really great tips on how to be more successful.

Today, we said goodbye to all our teachers. Tomorrow is Fast Sunday, and then its off to bed, and up early in the morning to fly to Chicago! One thing we did was, sit in a circle with one of our teachers, Frere Adams, and give compliments to each member of our District. After we all did that, we then said our testimonies of Christ, and how he has been such a huge part in our lives. 

These 7 weeks in the MTC have been stressful, difficult, long and short at the same time, and most of all, rewarding. I am glad for the experience I had at the MTC, and am excited to go to the country of France, and serve the lord for the next 23 months! 

This is Elder Acheson signing off of my last email at the MTC. I love you all, and will see you in 2 years! May God be with you until we meet again! 

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